Wich acid to use

Ok so i like to step up in Brine washing
Altering iT s ph either with acids or bases
What is the acid and base of choice
I for most use citric acid and baking soda
Who uses Any other acids or bases🙏

Citric and naoh

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The reason we use citric and baking soda = food grade and easy to neutralize & wash out with fresh distilled water afterwards. Using other acids and bases can prove challenging if you don’t properly remove them afterwards which will lead to interesting isomerization of Cannabinoids durring distillation :ok_hand:


@Future Which acids and bases do You use for your Brine washes ?

Just trying to help.


For an A/B extraction to remove THC from mother liquor after CBD crystallization, would there be any advantage to using hydrochloric acid instead of citric acid? Right now my idea is to use NaOH to pull the THC into the aqueous layer and then neutralize the pentane with distilled water (to then reintroduce CBD isolate and purge). Then make the aqueous layer acidic with citric acid to precipitate out the THC and attempt to convert that to CBN (or do something else with it eventually). I’m reading of people using dicyclohexylamine or DCM in their AB extractions as well. What’s the benefit of using these solvents in an A/B extraction vs pentane or another more often mentioned alkane solvent?


Very interesting but i am of No use on this one haze is a strain that has little to none cbd so never had the pleassure of trying😀

A centrifuge after precipitation :smirk:


Seriamente? Like a lab fuge?

Si might work