Why would terpenes be blue/green?

A local dispensary posted this earlier today, and we’re curious why their terpene fraction is blue/green? Any insight?

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Oxidation and heat degradation. There’s a pic on my IG of a blue fraction in likely the same receiving flask on a Pope.

Edit: The stuff I collect in that flask goes straight into the iso-alcohol bath, we do not use it.


thats gotta be one interesting tasting cartridge…


Double bonds will polymerize with heat making a molecule that will emit ambient light into a wavelength of color our evolutionarily developed eyeball and brain circuitry can perceive

Needless to say those are not terpenes any longer my friend. Well technically still a terpene but not one you want to consume or smoke.

If you are more interested in biosynthesis of terpenes or how steroids are created in mamallian cells and how these can be recreated in the labortory maybe give a google search to W.S. Johnson and Pi cation cyclizations!


From what I understand most of the blue is azulejo. Google it



I have lots of these terps that we don’t use. Is there any known process to increase/create the blue/azulene? Would be cool to turn all our terps into a pretty color for funsies.

Before anyone wants to make those “terps” does anyone have any analytical data on the “terps” op posted?

Nothing tested but idea is heavier terpenes beyond the monos

I wouldn’t consider smoking it. Comes off temp specific so you’ll prolly learn to dial it in on your short path as time goes on. Like I said google it. Lots of people appear to be using it for make up and scrubs though I know nothing of the industry.