Why do you prefer distillate?

Anyone out there interested in Distillate?

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please don’t be fishing for sales like that, spam and your done peroid.


I’m not fishing for sales. I’m interested to know if anyone is interested in distillate and why? I’m doing a research study.


We are all very interested in distillate.

That’s a big part of what this forum is about.


Why distillate over other products?

let me help you then
i will make you a poll.

I don’t need your help Soxhlet but thank you for the offer.


twas done’ if your running a study you will have some numbers now.
I also moved your post out of the classified section, that is what rang my alarm bells.

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Soxphet: please take down the poll as its spam on your part.

ok done

You of all people should know not to spam!

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I’m not looking for people to influence the study in one way or another!

Relax, i am not spamming. I moderate this forum, if I was spamming
i would have would trying to be selling thc or cbd on here in an unverified fashion, or bombarding the forum with multiple posts of trash.I keep this place clean, and organised. When i saw your post it looked like you were fishing for sales, especially because it was posted to the classified section, and asking a very vague question about distillate.Then
I tried to help you to build a poll to collect the info you wanted, sorry bro. Helping people is a tough gig!
I even put it back in the classified section like you wanted.


Lets hope they don’t read that part, it may influence them as well.Get some reverse psychology going!

I have since reviewed your account, you have been popped 4 times in the past for spam posts.
I now believe I caught you in the act and you tried to switch your story to cover your butt.
Can’t pull the wool over my eyes.
My first reply to your topic still stands.


Your alleged perception of the post is completely off base and allegation is false! Once again please keep your spam comments to yourself!

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Then dont post a question like that in classifieds ayyyeee smmaarrrttaayyyy



They are Like a lil kid caught in a lie time for a swat