Why are you using ethanol for extraction?

I’m just curious why everyone is so hell bent on ethanol for extraction.
Would love to hear everyone’s opinion.
I’ve got my reasons for choosing hydrocarbon, what was yours for ethanol?

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building a compliant ethanol lab is a lot easier/cheaper than building a compliant hydrocarbon lab.
I think thats the main reason.

Also you can drink ethanol but i wouldn’t drink hexane!


Lol I would t recommend drinking the denatured stuff.
For the build out C1D1 is the same isn’t it?

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Yes only drink the 200 proof lol but really dont do that either.

It depends on the jurisdiction, some places dont even require c1d2 for alcohol.

In Eugene were required c1d2 for our hexane.

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Lucky! I’ve been planning for 240 gallon max capacity C1D1 rooms.

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We ares still required to keep our solvent MAQ at 480 gallons, to get to this level we had to add 4 hour fire walls to each room and then fire suppression sprinklers which brings it up to the 480.