Wholesale and white label Vegan Organic Nano Pectin gummies! We will beat anyones pricing! Dm us for details!

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Hey shoot me a dm whenever you get a chance!

Review time: 5mg nano pectin (I ate 2.5 pieces, about 12-14mg)

I tried 4 flavors: peach (my favorite), purple?, red?, pineapple mango (yellow, everyone else’s favorite). I gave them all away and nobody had negative feedback the whole night.

I normally take 25mg regular gummies from dispos about 3-4 times a month. I don’t really have a tolerance and smoke flower in joints several times a day. 1.5g of flower per day.

Took at 3pm, started a techno stream while playing gta5.

Great taste, pectin was gummy inside, gently crispy sugar coated outside. I don’t taste the THC, nor do I know if it’s disty or bho. They don’t have any lingering clues on the tongue to pinpoint they are medicated.

First effects felt at 3:25, “you took something”

3:35 positive effects of being high, et al

5:15 comedown stage - nothing bad, just not as stoned and

6:30 I’d drive and claim it was legal and feel safe about it.

My camera sucks, fyi. I ate the gummies a couple bites into a grilled egg and cheese.

They are outdoor safe. I’ve left them in sunlight in my hot car on these last few sunny days and they don’t sweat or get sticky or soft enough to be squishy.

I appreciate being able to try these @Kingofthekush420!

*Nano feels like you’d take 1/3 - 1/2 your normal dosage. 12mg felt like my typical 25mg disty gummies from a dispo.

**If you typically take 250mg to get medicated, I’d start with 50-100mg of nano.


Thanks for the review man

The dark purple reddish ones were raspberry Lemonade and i believe you got some pink peach also


Good product


Hope you enjoyed them

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@Kingofthekush420 dm me or if you still have my number message me. I need a new gummy producer that can keep on schedule.

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