Wholesale and white label Vegan Organic Nano Pectin gummies! We will beat anyones pricing! Dm us for details!

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If anyone is on the fence about ordering these, get a DM sent to King ASAP. :+1:

Flavor is on point, texture is nice and soft, super crumbly it basically melts in your mouth. Super sugary, no off-taste at all.

As far as effects go, Lightly crept in about 20 minutes in, felt like it reached it’s peak at 40 minutes. Felt very nice and balanced throughout the entire duration, come down was gradual about 3 and a half hours from first eating one for myself.

Packaging was fine, no issues what so ever! Love the variety, but I’ve only personally tasted the pineapple so far.

Editing to update on flavors:
Cherry is crisp and sweet, gives me memories of luden’s, very light bitter flavor on the back-end but not bad.

Cantaloupe is dangerous It hides the bitterness extremely well, to the point of tasting only candied melon. Love it.

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Let me know what you think of the other flavors when you try them!

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