Who stole whos design? ace glass or breaking dabs... proof here

Of course you’re correct in application. And you’re correct in describing the laws as they stand. Does that have anything to do with them being just or applicable to reality? No one can own an idea. Government tries to convince us that all kinds of overtly silly ideas are legitimate. I love that this community observes, tears apart, and rejects most of what is considered “legal” based on their individual morals. Look at the marijuana market. Laws don’t stop us, they encourage rebels.


Patents are a complicated and long conversation.
I think that in comes down to each individual situation…difficult to make blanket rules.

Plus there are two things to consider; mankind and the individual.
Enter politics and sociology.

How would you argue for a private doctor that spends 4 years and countless hours and resources developing a surgery that will save countless lives…

Make him go bankrupt and have nothing maybe even be destitute…to give the surgery to all.
Or, does he get to own the rights and become a billionaire and do the surgery only for those that can pay what he asks? Etc etc etc etc

I can say this, when you put your life and time towards creating something only to get ripped off, makes you not wanna do that again.
And guess who’s not gonna make the next big thing??? The guys that ripped it off. Plus everyone loses in some scenarios. It’s a winding road.


I misread you’re comment, and even agree with you on most of your points. But it’s the law, I don’t agree with a lot of unjust laws, but I’m not gonna try to fight em, nor blatantly flaunt em either

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What if you’ve ripped off other patents? Do you get to call someone else out that rips you off?
Popcorn for this one though…

Summit always coming through with the drama -


How could you argue that a doctor should be able to maintain “ownership” of said procedure? If you want to own an idea keep it to yourself. It’s the only reasonable way it can be so. The hinderance of derivative works at the behest of profits benefits no one but a lazy patent owner. If a doctor has a truly unique skill set he wont need government to protect it. Take pirating for example. Do you feel you’re stealing if you download a song?


Oh golly I hope i get to hear Elliot rave.


Just food for thought and my point exactly.
Usage should definitely be a variable.
I hope one day humans are 4th dimensional so we can see and exist in third dimension. Right now we can be 2d because we are 3D.
Crazy shit show with a lack of meta sight / long term impacts. Fish + plastic…now we eat the plastic…grand pappy didn’t think about the dioxin when he dumped it in the stream…


not to mention shit like fukushima…

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Are you on drugs? It’s nearly impossible to get a patent on a already created product due to previous art. You can only be awarded a patent if the product and design and technology wasn’t present before. And you have to prove those claims to the patent office.

You are claiming people are talking about flanged flasks?. That has absolutely nothing to do with it. Did you run out of ammo and just start vomiting nonsense to make convo? Sorry but not sorry. Claiming anything I’ve done was a copy is a lie, I go out of my way to never copy anyone and to innovate.


You aren’t sharing any info. Your making up a false and fake narrative. I hope you have a nice day brewing in your anger. Maybe you’ll cheer up.


You can’t rip off patents. Thats not how patents work. I suggest you take a weekend community college course in law related topics prior to talking.


If you don’t mind, I have a question about patents, and I bet you can answer it.

So looking at the patent for the spd-5, let’s take that as an example. If someone copies the design, but say change the amount of finger things in the spd, that’s still a violation right?

Thanks in advance!


Yes because the vigs aren’t exactly claimed. They are claimed on th documents, but as a utillity it’s the “other parts” that we claim so in turn summit can make various variations of the vig inserts as customers need or ask. Patents are about new and novel and unique claims. Things they try vigorously to decline people on. And find prior work to. The uspto makes you prove your claims when they do nearly automatic rejections all the time.


Ahhh, so your patent covers is for the ‘parts’ of the spd configured in the way described? Regardless of the number of vigs, or any other small change, as long as the spd is built with this configuration, it’s a violation right?

Again, thanks for answering my questions. Patents are an interesting subject to me.


am i the only one that is excited to see how this will play out in court?

I really wonder whos bankroll gives out first. This is really interesting as Ace Glass is no Vacuum Dynamics. I wonder why not much was said about Across International new SPD design shown off at mjbizcon, and how it possibly could infringe on patents as well.

The glass community has finally seen the cannabis space needs some more than an off the shelf solution. I can imagine if summit loses the patent case it opens the flood gates on copied designs, and not just china

Good luck @spdking. Im not hating. Id just like to see how this plays out. Its sorta like the “running of the bulls” You wanna see everyone get to the end unscathed, but you dont look away when someones about to get gorged either.


There’s only a few people who own repeated patents in the USA. I am one of them. I’ve patented numerous versions to protect the types and vastness of the invention. I was actually awarded a dual patent on a single item (fraction collector) Wich is nearly rarrer than a albino liger.


Across was served. And backed down and dipped, tried throwing someone else under the buss but it didn’t work. Story over.

I was so disgusted from thier behavior and unprofessionalism that summit removed every across item from inventory, and we made deals and agreements with better suppliers to supplement a more affordable “blue line” of rotos and reactors and ovens that clearly actually outperformed across. So we decided to do direct, around them and add a great value purchase to customer while not paying a company in equity to do bad things to others. Everything left at the shop with across label is being sold at cost/wholesale. Get it while it’s hot.


well that was fast…lol! i was wondering that when i saw the design…so they aint gonna be offering that system displayed in their booth? that spd was front and center at mjbizcon.

I love this all from a business cases point of view. once again good luck. I love the dynamics of business. this is just one of them. cannabis is coming from the woods into a court room near you!


Lololololololol you my friend are hilarious. Ace has been making scientific glass since the 1930s and those flanges have been around for over 50 years and are used by pretty much every scientific glass blower. Increasing the bore size on your instruments is not “new art” either.

You say people on this thread are “offended” for calling you out on being wrong? Try again next time bud

Edit: I’m not sure if I read your post wrong now, were you defending or calling out ace? If I had that backwards my apologies


I know @spdking wouldn’t post this court paper but I’m tired of everybody bashing him. This guy tries. Does he go overboard yes. Does he make claims that might not be 100% yes. But he is a businessman the more he is talked about the more his product spreads. Infamous has its perks. Bc for every bad thing to say about him there he good thing to say about his product. Anyways dis

Summit vs OSS

Its not even the point showing he goes in court prepared af. The real reason i posted this document is to read the very end. This is one of the reasons i respect the man. Y’all bust his balls but that same person could bankrupt/cripple competition companies but he chooses not too. I can’t speak for his reasoning but if i was to guess i imagine he wants people to succeed and thinks about the livelihood of employees that would be effected Bc of this. But also drop nuts to let them know “i gotcha ya if i want to so stoping doing dumb shit and i won’t brankrupt y’all to the ground”. He signed this with dismiss of prejudice. Meaning it will never come up in court again. Trolling level 99

My bad @Killa12345 this was not directed at you it was directed to everybody. I accidentally clicked the reply under your name. Wake n bake had me cross faded from sleeping when i started writing this lol