Who sells huge cryo chillers that aren't huge disappointments?


Ive recovered over 5 pounds a minute with the GC-5000 and a bucket of dry ice :joy: Iced Tech is some lame hype boy shit no one will even care about in 2 months. Did we really think bhogart or their affiliates were getting anything right. 2014 called they want their bombs back



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We have a Huber 815 at work that chills our Bizzybee material columns and jacketed holding tanks. Straight beast!

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Have you considered building your own unit or having one built? I have done it (smaller scale) and it’s not that complicated – if you can do without all the shiny stainless panels, glitzy screens, and blinky LED’s. It takes a reefer unit (which incidentally can be remotely outside with it’s heat and noise), a heat exchanger (expansion chamber), a low-temp reservoir (I used 10 gal of ethylene glycol/H2O), a pump (I used Shurflo) and some auto controls. Find a commercial refrigeration specialist/engineer that you can work with if you’re not up to doing it yourself. The size and type of compressor and refrigerant needed can be determined with some research and number crunching. Benefits include having a simple system that you understand and can fix when and if needed without un-needed bells and whistles that are potential show-stoppers. With another pump. an accumulator tank and plumbing you could draw off the low-temp reservoir to satisfy a multitude of current and unforeseen future needs.

I suggest that you first step back and take another look at what your specific needs are and your options. For example, using heat exchangers on your roto feeds running against the vapor phase could reduce your reefer requirement considerably as would increasing distiller vacuum. You might also consider multiple chillers one for low volume ultra-low temp needs and another for high-flow higher temp condenser needs.



Defenatly the way to go
I yust had a setup designed of a cooling cascade compressor set i bought second hand for 20000$
Heat exchangeers electronics and a liquid welded and insulated tank an extra 18000
5000 liters of ethanol should get to -58 C
In 24 hours
Build at 4 feet high so No Cryo etho pumps nessesary



Maybe for small material columns and holding tanks, sure. That’s not what we told Huber we intended to use them for.

As I said above, the extraction side responsibilities didn’t become my problem until after the sales guys had already lied and the equipment had already been purchased, but I agree with the sentiment of building your own. IMO, Chill King makes some very nice, very simple, very reliable units which we are using on another project to cool a condenser, they just don’t make anything that gets into the cryo temp ranges like Huber does.

I’m a bit confused as to what running heat exchangers against the vapor phase would do - I haven’t got hard data but expect that my vapor phase between the evaporation globes and the condensers is around 70*C.

We have great vacuum on our rotovaps - got rid of the water aspirator garbage they came with a long time ago and went with a proper cold trap and a large multi-stage vacuum pump. This did improve recovery speeds considerably. We never did use the Hubers on our rotos though, the Hubers were bought with extraction in mind, not to chill condensers on our solvent recovery equipment.

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Would love to see pictures of this setup if you don’t mind sharing



Well as i stated we are still in the design process in the Coming weeks

i hope to have Some more info on the heat exchangers
That Will be recomended
The setup i bought used to be a walkin freezer so its quite a different thing i want to make out of iT but these are the SPecs of the unit so far



Your situation is a mite clearer to me with the added info (making most of my comm mute!). Assuming you have done enough tests to do a cost/benefit on your propsed flow vs. other options and determined that that is the way you want/need to go, and the Huber won’t do the job, you can still look at the cost/benefit of a DIY cascade (CO2/NH3) and a sale of the Huber.

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thoughts on this?

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The interior is “zinc coated galvanized steel.” not sure how compatible that is with ethanol but I like it.



So Low make decent freezers. Probably fit 3kegs in there. Not explosion proof. So you might have issues storing solvent in there if anyone is looking at your process.



Have you thought about changing your process - mainly your cyro extraction - rather than try and throw money at it?



We’ve done room temp extraction followed by winterization, it was a labor intensive nightmare and had worse yields for the same material than we are currently achieving with cold extraction.

With scaleup since I made this post originally we’re able to process around 800 lbs per day, once we get our FFE from BZB that should continue to increase to at least 1000/day and we’ve got our sights on 2-3000 lbs/day but that will require additional equipment purchases. We changed our process from having the Hubers cooling down bulk ethanol to just keeping the extraction reactors cold and defer most of the heavy lifting to a walk in freezer.

Hasn’t arrived yet but we have on order a very large chiller (capable of cooling 1000 gals from room temp to -45F in 12 hours) and thermal fluid from Fluid Chillers out of Michigan for cooling our bulk ethanol. I will keep this thread updated as that arrives and is put into use but right now looking like that won’t be for another month and a half.



How many reactors do you have running? FFE are the way to go…or just get a steam assisted still/tower made. When we approached using reactors as our chambers they were terribly inefficient…We now get down to -200C and are able to winterize - at full capacity and if we wanted to - about 1200 a day.



We are currently running 2 reactors and 2 centrifuges with plans to double that in the future to continue to increase our throughput.

We are not evaporating in our reactors, just extracting, and agree that a falling film seems to fit our industry really well. Can’t wait to get away from using my team of Chinese rotos and their shitty chillers!



I meant “Skip-Winterization”. Sorry.

100 liter reactors? Where are you finding the centrifuge helps in scaleability?



150L reactors, having one per reactor allows me to empty the full contents of the reactor and refill and start the next extraction cycle while the centrifuges are spinning the biomass from the last cycle dry.



Hey @greenbuggy, are you doing 800Lbs/Day without an FFE currently?



Yes, though we’re not doing it solely with the rotovaps, we currently have a vacuum spray still which removes about 50% of the ethanol and concentrates our tea, then it goes to the rotos to remove the rest of the ethanol. I estimate that with the FFE we should be able to hit 1000 lbs/day as solvent recovery is currently our bottleneck.