Who makes your favorite hydrocarbon extraction system. What makes it your favorite over others?

Bingo. @globtek33

You found the ceiling. No matter the state.

Staying on topic:
My favorite systems have always been the Frankensteins I helped operate. No brand necessary. Would have to include too many companies.

But you are only paying that operator 15 minutes every hour to “run” the Luna. you can absolutely run it from the HMI if you feel like it but ours is ran hands free 95% of the time. most our operators are post processing the other 45 minutes of the hour.


I like this system I built :slight_smile:

My buddy builds these systems that are certified. He claiming 750lb in 7 hrs running passive, outa my affordability lol

Meanwhile you have multiple electrical panels in the room, a standard outlet right behind the extractor, NPT fittings everywhere. $30 string lights hanging on the roof. there is nothing safe or “certified” about this install.


Dont forget the wiped film behind the solvent tanks.