Who has the plug for some large anti-static smell proof bags?


Is anyone lining barrels with bags similar to this? If so, where are ya getting them from? Thanks !


Probably not the cheapest but I have used them before.

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heck ya, thanks for that


I work for @grovebags, I can you some samples of our bags. We have 5gal and 27gal bags on wickets.


The small size can line a 5-gallon bucket and the large size fits into a 27-gallon tote when full. Never use a terpene-destroying turkey bag again!

what about a turkey bag destroys terpenes?

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Not ours, we are preserving 33% more terps with our engineered bags. With Terploc.

Check out our webpage. grovebags. Com

bags look good I am just curious about the technology. I pay 50 cents right now for a 18x24 from Buddy Bags

Tom, buddy bags are just nylon bags. We have completely different type of made. Designed for cannabis.

I would love to mail you some samples to compare to what your using.