Who has the best priced column socks?

Who has the best column socks for the price?
Thanks in advance

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Not sure if its best priced but ive got good deals on custom bags from azpressco


I order mine from corley valve co

Do you guys notice a significant decrease in biomass fitting the column when packing socks out side of the column?

I was able to fit same amount. It just took longer to fit in column. I just pack inside now and it makes switching runs quicker

We were trying to have socks ready to go so we didn’t have to unbolt the large (8x48) column between runs to pack them

Its possible to prefill just takes a little more time/strength to shove them in. Also helps if bags arent hella longer then ur column. I did custom ones exact size as my column

yo mama?

(says the guy with 7 or 8 sewing machines. including @beakers serger)


this subject has been explored here before…I’d give you the search query if I’d eaten in the last 24hrs…or maybe when this beer kicks in.

the kids packing tubes at my last hydrocarbon gig were getting 1/2 the volume in their tubes using socks.

using the right size socks, and packing them IN a tube is apparently the correct response. although I like the “stainless sleeve” even better… I want to attribute it to @Roguelab but I suspect I’m hallucinating again.

edit: 9% EtOH on zero food… Packing tubes


Stainless sleeve? Now that is something I’d rather use. Is this an available option

Azpressco has a solid price on socks. 8x48, that’s a bunch of biomass. How much do you normally run?

You may want to get ones that are half length. Full length will be really hard to pull out if there’s any drag.

We just got another 6x36 non jacketed column and pack in that, we use 50 in length bags from azpressco and just twist up the end and wrap the cord around it to hold the twist. We can fit 8lbs in the 6x36 space

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You can unpack that 8 pounds and re pack in another comlumn the same size or no?

Haven’t ran it yet. Still has its new car smell

Preload a bunch of socks in spare spools with minions, finish a run, pull the used sock out, and slide the new one in using the spool as a guide. Makes changeovers quick and painless.

Helps if you use a packing rod and compact in lifts. (See any concrete slump test rodding video for the technique).

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If they have your size these are really hard to beat. PTFE for the win



Yeah the spare spoil just lives in the material prepping room, they just slide in and out.

The technique to get them to slide n and out of the spool nicely is to take the sock out of the packing spool grab the extra fabric and twist and push down from the top of the sock making the material conform to the sock size not the spool size since the sock diameter is ever so slightly smaller then the spool it will just slide in and out, so much so sometimes one person has to old the sock while one person puts on the bottom of the column lol

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yes. @Roguelab has posted this tip several times.

I got mine from az press company, at that time tbey were way cheaper by half than anyone else