Who has gelonade?

I need gelonade pretty please. If anyone has a legit cut please dm me.

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Pretty we have/had gelonaid. I don’t see it listed in our website, but you can email buycannabisgenetics@gmail.com to request an updated list


There is a BB Cupcake x Gelonade on the '22 pheno list…


I think my buddy just popped that one. I ran gelonade several times this year. Can definitely get u the clones in humboldt


I would travel to hum for it but maybe the fedex guy can make the trip for me?

Dm me plz :frog:

It’s on cloners currently available list, reach out and your local mail man will deliver it.


Thank you.

This forum has been very helpful in the short time I have been here. I appreciate everyone I have interacted with.


Good to know I’ve been on the hunt for this one too. Do you habe folks on here who can vouch? Thanks!

They have gelonade

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I can’t vouch yet, but I can say I’ve seen plenty of testimonials from many respected forum members. As such I will absolutely get clones from buycannabisgenetics.com AKA @Cloner @Capttripppp when the time comes to get some new genetics


Woops I thought capttripp said they had it. My bad. I only saw a cross.

It’s on the list I got from cloner, but this was like 3 weeks ago:

Inventory 06.20.22.pdf (66.2 KB)
Here is the most recent list of plant count availability.


Spelled “Gelinade”


@Cloner plz dm or do i order on site?

Order on the site and note future4200.com( gets the homie hook up)

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I feel the same forums LIT I’m not even in the states :joy:

question on the cloner site

what has been TC and what hasnt? is the only TC available off the TC menu or have all the genes been TC?

TC is 5k a strain so kinda a bit more than what I was looking to spend and they only have GP and the rest isnt all that exotic