White lines??

Hey what’s up guys just wondering if anyone knows what would cause white lines to appear on the sides of the distillate flowing through the condenser? We’re at 9 micron and 181 at the head.Thanks in advance I’ll post a pic ASAP

Sounds like the heads fraction. Did you let heads clear before switching to another receiving flask?

I suspect either lipids or excess vaccum grease on your joints. A posting a pic might help


Yes I did



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How does your winterization process look like?

No coagulation after second winterization looks great nothing in the filter after scrub just not sure what these white lines are

What type of grease do you use ?
For your glasswear ?

Its the heads, this is what the hot condenser allows you to avoid.

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Well then I think @bdouggy @Concentrated_humbold is right that this is still heads
One way to get rid of stuff in the vapor path is lowering temp on the mantel and putting the condensor temp high to boil off this until clean then restart heating to distillation temps
The symmetries are strange for it to be grease

@Roguelab it’s definitely heads, but it odd the last 50l i ran didnt have it. All pre proccessing exactly the same. It was extremely fresh and yielded close to 70% not sure if that matters i just never had had ctude not have this let alone that much consistently


I second this. Some batches seem to hold out heads forever but you just gotta sit their right below mains and let the heads boil off.

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I’m running at 50c on the condenser how hot are you talking??

I’m really just scared of pesticides or some irregularities seeing as it’s someone else’s material. So I guess I’m hoping one of you may know for sure??

Heads fraction - I usually see this when people extract with room temp ethanol and have no moisture control. Shouldn’t be nearly as bad on second pass and it should clear up as you get to a clean main body (though a hot condenser might deal with it all on the first pass)

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150c+ for first pass

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