white label

Ive been offered white labeling opportunities from many sources. I did not come into the industry to get into white labeling someone elses products, but there it does open up many other avenues. Has anyone started a white label venture and had the rules change on them, do you foresee it in your state?

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We can white label for you and keep all the rules the same. We started our business by white labeling other products and never has a problem with any of our suppliers besides a “lovely” company Folium that takes months to get product to you. Now we produce everything and never had problems being able to keep up with demands.

We can talk further depends what state you are in regarding the laws and what might change. We can always talk about it.


I am in North Carolina and it seems like we are about to open up here in a big way. We’ll see how this FDA regulation affects everything, but there are ways around that too. I would love to talk about the possibilities. My email is naturalhemplife@gmail.com

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we are looking for white label company for the short term