Whirled Peas

Trace solvent purge under deep vacuum. WARNING!!!
If you are purging even trace amounts of Ethyl Acetate, Hexane, or Acetone then be aware that ANY contact with seals will tend to degrade them including all polymer seals inside a dual vane pump. Proof?

Take some acetone or Ethyl Acetate and soak a kimwipe. Then clean a Viton O ring with the white kimwipe. The color you will see is the gunk you are cleaning off plus the color of the viton… Run open air full open valves on your dual vane pump with fresh air minimum 30 seconds minimum between three minute pull downs. Then I recomend this only with the traces a chemical duty diaphragm pump like mine cannot purge. A vacuum switch between the two pumps to the bell jar is perfect for connecting the two types to one bell jar chamber.

Fortunately the dual vane vacuum pump I turned into a boat anchor to learn this only cost me what I had set aside for food that month to replace…I look great now!