Which 500ml short path head

Good day!

I’ve been assembling the bits to put together a little 500ml short path distillation set to compliment my close loop to produce personals.

I have the alcatel 2021i, 500ml boiling flasks, 250ml flasks to catch the distillate/cold trap garbage, a big cold trap…etc.

What I could use a hand with is exactly which head I should use. I have searched and read a few threads. I’ve gathered you can run a 2L head on a 500ml boiling flask and it will work just fine. I guess I just dont want to order the wrong one. The ones on ebay/amazon are all over the place and I dont quite have enough information to be sure of what im buying. I will be running a full bore setup with the mono cow in the middle.

Would this be a preferred head? This is what I was going to buy.

If you dont believe this would work in my configuration, could you please help me understand why?

If I left out any information you need, just let me know.

Appreciate the help.


@david is great. That size head will work fine for your setup…


I’ve used this head on a 250ml bf. It works well. Fastest head I’ve used. The glass blower makes really tight joints. Took 10 days from door to door. I can send pics of it in action and a video if you’d like.

P.s. my avatar is a first pass mains with that head.


Depends on what your budget is and how much you plan on using it

Its just for personals.

I plan on using it around every two months.

The rest of my stuff would probably be considered budget so it seemed like the above linked head would fit in with my other pieces. Probably just end up going with it.


I would totally appreciate that!