Where to buy raw polypropylene mesh (like they use for bubble bags)?

Have had some good luck with winterization filtering using polypropylene mesh bags that I cut up to fit my buchner, the material looks very similar to what the bubblebag.com bags are made from as far as I can tell.

Trying to find a source for a 24" wide bulk roll of this stuff, have not had any luck on eBay or Amazon or any local suppliers I’ve called.

not the answer you were looking for, but possibly relevant, and I love these guys…

I don’t see rolls of mesh listed on their website, but my interactions with them suggest they’ll tell you their supplier if you ask. or make you custom bags to fit your buchner.

I agree that edible oil or biodiesel filtration is interesting, has any one tried the collared filters with the associated housings? I am not familiar with which
pump would used with these?



I’ve used them with gravity for filtering the WVO my car often runs on.
I’ve also tried repeatedly to convince the boss to purchase a handful for proof of concept…to no avail.

they even have an inexpensive adapter that allows you to pressurize them to prove to the boss they work before buying the pressure housing.


I imagine they would work with vacuum once you had the housing.
I figured I’d push with nitrogen for proof of concept.


This is not what you asked for but perhaps these folks are worth a call? If a bag worked you could line the filter with it and when time to clean just lift the bag out.

That’s pretty cool!