Where, oh where is Graywolfslair.com

Hi ya’ll!

Where, oh where is Graywolfslair.com?

My apologies on this dilatory post explaining why all the Graywolfslair links in the various forums no longer work. I was hoping to resolve it before now, but alas that is not to be!

The short version is that Vultr had an equipment failure and lost the cloud containing my site, as well as the backups my webmaster had stored there.

Everything is no more. Imagine my chagrin at that was the third time I’ve populated a site with articles, starting with Skunk Pharm Research, The Alchemist Resource, and then Graywolfslair.com.

My webmaster is putting together a new Graywolfslair.com site using a more dependable and reliable host who backups up on a separate drive and I have purchased a 16TB auxiliary drive for a second backup.

I don’t have an estimate of how long it will take to get back on line, and sadly the existing links will never work again, but Graywolfslair.com will return and I will keep you updated on progress.

Every time you hit one of those dead links, I encourage you to remember that it was Vultr who took that support away from you.

I wish I could say that they were remorseful and helpful in mine and my webmasters attempts in recovering the Lair after their crash, but alas that was not the case, so I do not recommend them for a site host.

More on that once I get the site back up……………………

One Flying Skunk Eye awarded to Vultr!

Flying Skunkeye Award-5.8


Hope you get set back up asap!

Love ya, buddy!


Knowing your IT Guy, I’m surprised there wasn’t another backup. I had a college professor that would have us write our long essays, walk in to class, run them through a shredder, sit down with blank pages and a pencil, and write them over for a grade. He was convinced that somehow made it all fresher and better. May you find new nuggets of gold in the recreation! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



Looks like some stuff on the way back machine if you haven’t looked yet


Thanks, but way out of date.


It looks like there are some pages backed up as recently as November 2022.


There are a few applications available that can download the latest backup from the archive, free and paid. That might make it easier to see what all is there.


Thanks, but about a year behind.

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Take what you can dawg


:octopus: That’s not fair. Just how it feels. Is not fair.

There’s sites that host pdfs on how to make heroin.

… And there’s your site which hosted valuable information on hash and the history of the closed loop extractor and it gets shut down…

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Nothing about special treatment. They fucked up and put their eggs in one basket


Anything people can do to help?


Thanks brother! I think my webmaster has a handle on it but I’ll ask.

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No persecution. Everyone on their server got equally screwed.

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I mostly just feel tired…


Maybe some folks with IT skills (maybe they run a forum wink wink) can mirror the content, at least privately, so that valuable wealths of knowledge don’t disappear for everyone.

DataHoarding is becoming more important than ever!


Progress is underway with Sidco. About 50% re-made. All hyperlinks and old urls will work if I do this right.

Pausing for a few on Chapter 8. 10 more Chapters to data restore.

I may ask for assistance comparing archive to restore project at some point. Having more eyes aids.


A GitHub repository can easily be used to backup a website. Unless there’s gigabytes of images, a free public repository will work fine.

Developing on the production instance Isn’t a great idea. if your server goes down and your project lives in a repository then you just deploy to another server.

I’ve Completed up to Chapter 9 and could use some eyes on the urls matching Archive.org

It will be unlocked for a bit to do some live tests

If you wanna help: Review Chapters 1-9 and all sub chapters and compare against the past.


Chapter 1 and all subchapters look good. Spot checking the text it all is the same for each one. I’ll check the others if I get a chance today.

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Edit - Updated.

All Posts Restored. (That I Could Find)

If you find one that is missing, menu missing, category missing, feel free to reach out and supply a good resource link / image / files.