Whats your preferred gloves/tools

just wondering if any has any thoughts on the best gloves to use while handling shatter/ crumble. Also any ideas for tools for whipping shatter. I know this is very open ended question, but just trying to see what people use.

Whipping tools. PTFE handle, 304 stainless tool.

Or if your a true G I can use titanium for the handle. I’ll take pics of that if interested…

I can make them however you like…


Those are nice! All these tools remind me of things my pops made back in the day. He’d take the old wire coat hangers, cut a length out, and then hammer em out on each end to make pipe scrapers.

The he upped started casting em out of bronze and made em all artsy. I wish I had one to show you guys.

Back on topic though, can you make the end more spatula like?

@TwistedStill tools are the best.

Just had to chime in.


Whats the cost on those tools?

Around $50 assuming you dont want anything too crazy…that’s with a PTFE handle

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You have a website I can check out for selection?

Naw…I’m just some dude who makes shit on occasion.

But…if you have an idea of what you want…I can probably make it…


Buy a .com sometime and I’ll give you web hosting for a year if you ever want a site.

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I appreciate that, but I dont really sell much. Most people like the things I make but aren’t willing to pay money for them…so I create and keep for myself.

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We got a few of these at the facility I work at. The extraction team has tried everything for whipping crumble by hand and they rave over these. Best tools out there by far. We recently got a drill and rigged it up with a hollow spade mixing bade and that thing really kicks ass. They still have to use these tools to get the edges down though.

@TwistedStill, can you make something like these?

Something flexible


Flexible…probably not. I make the stainless tool with a ball peen hammer, a railroad track, and a bench grinder.

Getting a tool to have the proper thickness, yet be flexible, and be able to do it repeatedly from tool to tool, isnt something I’m interested in trying to do. If there is a shape that one is after, I can achieve that…flexibility of the tool head is beyond what I’m trying to work with.

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