What's the melting point of THC-A?

Any body know? I searched for THC-A Melting point and nothing came up.

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THC-A decarboxylates directly into THC, no melt point.

THC-A Chemical and Physical Properties @ PubChem,

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Thank you.

I would disagree. If you take any bulk amount of pure THCA and heat it until it appears thoroughly liquid, then immediately cool it you will not see via LC 100% conversion to THC - there will still be THCA remaining and in considerably quantity. Decarb is not instantaneous at the minimum temperature necessary for glass transition. Regardless of whether you believe this observable phenomenon, there is without a doubt a minimum temperature associated with the glass transition of THCA. However, as you insinuated, this temperature hovers in a region at which decarb does occur at a non-minute rate.


Does anybody know what temperature that is? Anybody got some crystals and a dream?


Melting Thca isolate right now and it didn’t seem to start melting/decarbing until 200-220 f

Ive found cbd to melt around 80°C and THCa to melt around 75°C, so real close to decarb