Whats the going rate for dirty distillate?


wondering what the average price is people are paying for dirty distillate


Word on the trail is $4,500 to $5,500.


Define dirty


Took it out on the quad and it got sum dirt on it.:joy::joy::joy:


Failed for pesticides.




I would be interested in buying the “dirty” flower from the grower if they still have any available. On the other hand how much contaminated product do you have?


we have around 100L, can send you COA & pics if you like


DM me


It really depends on the quality. Right now the best quality value I have been able to find is $5.20 per g. I have lots of people who say they can beat those numbers but to be honest I’m so sick of dealing with inconsistencys that I won’t even really entertain people when they tell me they can do $4 per g .


I need to move where you guys are at with those cheap distillate prices. I’m always in need of disty. Clean please


The reason it’s cheap is because it’s dirty. If you want clean as in zero ppb then that will be costing $9-$11 per liter. This is my gripe with the industry, we have so many people all wanting cheaper but not seeing what the cost is. Majority of all distillate is dirty.


average per liter is

4k if its darkish and only been ran once
5k for multiple passes and gold(5.5k if you want that nice pretty gold)
6k for water clear


Where are these avg prices from?


@batch is on point with the Southern California prices. Exactly what I’m seeing lately.


I’ve seen clean go as low as $8.5/g but when screen tested for pesties, most come back as a fail.

I’ve seen similar prices around the Bay area for dirty disti, with cat 3 testing coming on soon, you can see a spike in clean cat 3 oil prices - not alot are testing for Heavy metals or Myclo.

I’m seeing oils from certain regions testing for heavy metals, ground water not being filtered properly or heavy agricultural land.

It’s funny all that land popped up cheap and now this heavy metal testing, LMAO…