What would happen if you tried to dissolve crude in -60c ethanol?


Say you had a wax laden crude, and then tried to dissolve it in -60c ethanol. What would happen?

Would you not dissolve wax?
Would you dissolve anything? is it too cold?

I’m not a chemist, but I’d imagine that only the things that are soluble in -60 ethanol would dissolve. So theoretically no waxes or chlorophyll.

Might need to agitate it pretty vigorously though? This is just a guess, and would probably depend on the concentrations involved.


Yeah, 1g extract in a gal of -60C solvent is a different critter than 5kilos in that same gallon


So much easier to dissolve at room temp then chill together…


I would think you may lose a bit of cannabinoids with the waxes. In my mind, the point of dissolving everything in warmer ethanol allows for both the fats and cannabinoids to dissolve evenly throughout the solvent, as well as freeing any cannabinoids trapped by the fats. With the decrease in temp comes the decrease in solubility, and the fats precipitate out, without any or very little trapped cannabinoids.


Dabs and Liquor, then chill together?

Sounds like a pickup line :wink:


I’m not clear 5kg would even go into a gallon of ethanol at rm temp.

it should stay in there, but I’m not sure it would go without a whole bunch of encouragement.

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That would be very hard to fully dissolve the crude in etoh that cold. Do what @Future suggests and mix them, then chill the mix.


The crude I winterize now with an immersion chiller gets pretty damn slushy much past -60°C. Like @cyclopath said it makes a difference how much crude is present to start with. I use iso and not ethanol but the iso gets pretty much like a syrup when that cold and I start out with the compound already dissolved. Trying to disolve new compound in syrup thick iso might take a long time.