What type of filters do you use in your closed loop system

Fairly new to wax blowing. We just purchased a closed loop system from an acquaintance who used coffee filters on his runs. Wasnt a fan of the product. Looking for suggestions on what type of filters we should be running on your closed loop system.

My material column is as follows from top to bottom: Filter plate w/stainless mesh—filter plate with coffee filter—filter plate with 10micron papers—5 micron sintered disc

Crc filtration is another discussion.


Coffe filters have a bigger pore size than fast filters. So yeah, definitely purchase some filter paper and filter plates if you don’t have em.

I basically do exactly what @Pupparoo does, but use felt filter instead of paper.


I ll post it here
Filter cartridges are expensive and defenatly expensive when pressure resistant
Even thou I have posted about it before
I have made a small change making this a lot safer and still as cheap as possible

By welding a 1 1/2” weld ferrule on the inside I can place the cartridge inside the pot
The pressure diffrance is still 75 psi but deu to beeing in side the pressure vessel you can really use the whole 75
As for danger worse case it breaks and some parts end op in the pot


Brilliant solution! I bet this would work great with those submicron Hydac filters I was talking about


What’s CrC filtration I’ve never heard of that.

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