What truly separates the Big Dogs from the Little Dogs?

The more I get into marketing CBD/Low THC and checking other companies websites the more I see the same Marketing Claims; The Best this, The Highest that, Fastest, etc, etc.

Joy Organic- Premium CBD like no other.

3 Chi- The best oils made by the industries best scientists, Leaders in the advancement of Delta 8, Delta 9o, Delta 9, HHC, cannabinoid test and more.

Koi- The Best Tasting, Highest Quality CBD, Delta 8 and Hemp Products

Medterra- Shop Fast Acting gummies that are 3x times faster and x4 times more effective than a traditional gummy.

CV Sciences- #1 Selling Natural Hemp Extract in the USA

How can we judge on What makes the Highest, Best Quality of Cannabis Products?

  • Say we start from Seed → Plant → Harvest → Extraction Process → Infusion/Manufacturing → Final Product (Whether that is Edibles, Tincture, Drinks, Vapes, etc)

I understand that Cleanliness of each facility, making sure products don’t get contaminated is a large part.

Let’s say if we were to make Oil based tinctures using Organic MCT, High Quality Oil Soluble Flavors, and CBD (Free of Heavy Metals, Fungi, Solvents, Etc).

What else could be done to make it a higher/best quality?

Is that not all Preference/opinion at that point?

Every local pizza shop is world famous


Cause it probably wouldn’t sell as well to newcomers if it said “Yup, we also have CBD”

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If I market my own products I’m going to have The Worlds Most Average Extracts®


let your quality talk unless you’re just on that mammon trip imo

It really comes down to who’s balls are bigger.


edit: lol

Ive seen a chihuahua with big nuts


Big huas gotta eat

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Surely butthole bleaching could play a role as well, no?


Here’s one major :spoon: for ya. giving back

I have a plug-in on my site that automatically donates a significant percentage to a local nonprofit each time a customer makes a purchase.

Also do an annual canned food drive with a handful of shops that carry my products, raffling off products to the customers that bring in the most cans.
I had to work for this charity due to probation stuff in high school, turned out they are actually pretty cool.

When this is all said and done, wouldn’t it be nice to look back and see how many you’ve helped along the way.

Also try hard not to focus on the “US vs THEM” advertising. It’s always corny as hell, and if your product is actually worth a shit you don’t need that.


I appreciate the wisdom, always. If you wouldn’t mind messaging me I have a few questions and would pay for your time if needed.

That works. Do you know of a little company called “Dollar Shave Club” That was their whole thing. We are less expensive, OK quality and really hip.

That was the play with Newman’s Own. Also, thank you for being generous. You just made me want to buy something from you!