What tolling prices are you guys seeing lately? Crude to distillate biomass to distillate etc

What kind of pricing are y’all seeing on medium to large orders?

Like 1000 kilos of raw crude to winterized and decarbed crude?

1000 kilos of crude to distillate?

Biomass to crude? Biomass to distillate?

Just curious what everyone’s seeing out there?

Crude winterized and decarbed $10/each

Crude to distillate $50/each

Biomass to crude $2/lb

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What kind of volume is that for

How can you keep the doors open at that price? We’re still charging $5/lb for cold ethanol extraction

I’m not charging that I saw someone post it recently

That’s what I was thinking. 4-5$ is the floor I’m seeing

1.95 a # in WA

10k # min

That’s to winterized decarbed crude?

Think so

Think so? Is that prices that you’ve seen? Or it’s your labs prices you just don’t work directly in the lab?

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Just saw the advertisement online there a big operation

do you have a link to their website?

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Ya that’s a rather insane price

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best remediation prices i see for d8 are like 400/500 liter (starting)

crude doesn’t move for me with so much avail…

Stopped all focus on crude for the most part. Conversions / more rare needs are much more acceptable margins…

I think they’re talking about Hopsteiner in Yakima, WA, that price was to raw crude as they don’t have to capability to winterize

Canada or USA? Canada is pretty expensive, LP route will cost almost $1 per gram of cannabis recovered.