What to pack your dewaxing column width

So what do you all load your dewaxing columns with?
I’m thinking Celite 545 in the column and steel wool on my filter plates.

Stainless Steel Pot Scrubbers and some filters. Ive seen people mentioning celite 545 in the columns but ill pass. I have no issues with color even without dewaxing, but when im going for diamonds or live resin…dewaxing certanly helps concentrate my thca for these more advanced extractions.


So you just fill your dewaxing column with filters and some steel wool, then slowly run your extract through or let it sit for a time?

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I let it sit in there for 2hrs exactly. No more no less. I feel anymore then THCa will start to precipitate…any less then the waxes dont coagulate. Its not an exact science…its just what has worked for me.

The pot scrubbers work as a 3d filter inside the dewaxer…Which aid the bottom filter stacks from clogging. This allows me to drop my solvent into my collection chamber very easily and fast.


Do you use a scientific filter paper or do you use a coffee filter in your filter stacks?

I use all fast quantitative paper. I tried slow before and feel it clogs too fast with such cold butane. i like to dump my column fast.


You tried doing a series of filters? One fast then a slow after that? Also how many times do you soak? What parts solvent : bud for each soak?

I’ve tried just about every combo of filter plates and paper filter there is. I’ve tried fast,medium,slow
Fast, fast, slow

I just run 2 fast filter plates after my dewaxer. There is some pictures of my extractor on this site somewhere.

And I don’t soak at all. I run straight top feed. Straight pass thru. I use 4-5lbs of solvent per lb material. My dewaxing column is a total seperate column.


PET needle punched felt


…For real? Like on top of your filter papers or what?

Also what’s PET?

It’s a food grade plastic. Usually I use a bag made from PET felt. They are used most often in the production of biodiesel. Search for biodiesel filters and you find many options.

The PET is partially good at removing waxes and insolubles from crude oil.


What micron felt bags are you using?

8 micron

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And you don’t get clogging with this?

compare the surface area on 4" bag vs a 4" filter paper.



Ah so you actually use the whole bag. How do you use this with your dewaxing column? Since the solvent has to sit for a time inside the dewaxing column you can’t have the bag fixed inside of the dewaxing column or a large fraction of the not yet chilled solvent will seep through

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The ability to “load” a filter and not clog it is largely dependent on the surface area of the filter medium.

A paper filter has a very shallow surface and needs to have a large surface area to give more “load” surface. This is why pleated filters are standard with paper filters of larger size. The pleats add debt to the filter matrix allowing for more “load” before clogging.

The felt filter has a debt to its surface which allows for heavy accumulation of “load” before it will clog.


So are you just cutting up the bag and placing it at the bottom of your dewaxing column or how are you utilizing it?

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You find a bag with a hard collar that fits your column. I use the 4" bags with collars and they fit perfect around the closures of my columns. I fill from the top and drain from the bottom using a delta P to transfer the liquid into a lower pressure tank.