What to make of this ?


Can get a bargain on this thing its pressure ratted to 250 psi made for most of stainles steel and looks to good to be gone to the scrap yard
But what can i make out of iT ??
I was thinking Some sort of Frankenstein heat exchanger on a bonfire :grinning:
No seriously Any idea s

70 cm diameter 45 cm height When lying flat



Lol idk man, that’s massive. What’s your current processing power?



Make a badass falling film!!!



Well this fall i Will Need a lot of methanol to be recovered
So i tought of cutting a tank with. The same diameter 2/3 -1/3 and have them welded on each side and use iT as the heat exchanger in the pot of the still
Or weld the sides Shut with a valve on each side and use iT as the head of the still with the vapors passing treu the internal
Or place iT on top of My passive bho rig after the Molecular sieve before the submerged coils to start cooling the vapors
Or indeed as the heatcollector on propane burners To feed the still with heat



It seems super inneficent for all that, what’s the overall diameter and what’s the diameter of each tube? Efficiency is about surface area to volume ratio.



I only have the main diameter at 71cm and the other measurements i asked to receive asap :grinning:

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That will determine it’s usefulness.

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I think this is your best bet. roast it over an open fire (spent biomass?) to power your recovery still.

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