What to do with Post Extracted Kief?

I have been collecting all my extracted kief from the past year. The kief was all collected from a dry ice trim tumbler.
Its a full 5 gallon bucket and about 20ish pounds, it was all extracted under cryogenic temperatures (with dry ice and ethanol). So i think theres still all the lipids and waxes left over.
Its relatively dry but there’s definitely a minute amount of ethanol left over.
there are no cannabinoids left, please dont give me an SOP for extracting cannabinoids out of this.
What creative things can i make out of this?
i am open to anything that brings use to it besides a mini sand box.
Suggestions ive gotten so far are:
fill hemp hacky sacks with it
try and use it for cloning medium

my end goal is to be able to use the lipids to reencapsulate the cannabinoids to make them water souble but i haven’t figured that one out, still researching.

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Dissolve in warm etoh and crash lipid out after cold…filter through vacuum assisted buchner funnel w filter paper.

.evap etoh enjoy

Some would press I don’t like and blasting tricky w it

what do i do with the lipids then?

Ahh I see u want on to the next…

I’ve heard they make great balms and things as such…canna chap stick

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Ok this is how i run kief
Sonic bath with a valve to empty the bath
Trow in som Chunks of dry ice to cool her up
Trow material in a bag,pillowcase,filtersock Any one wil do
80 microns or less
Put sonicbath basket in put bag with material in put a thermometer in
To read temps -60 minimum
Ad ethanol as cold as possible -70C or less preferubly
sonicate wath temps close thy go down fast deu to sonic energy and sonic bath being metal
O and Ad a ground wire to your bath deu to condensation on inside of electrics


I’ve seen people put it in jars and sell it to the stores… :scream:


This dosen’t surprise me in the least…

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umm okay? thanks for your SOP but i was asking what to do with the kief after you extract it…
was my post not clear enough? this has already been extacted with cryogenic alcohol.

perhaps some sort of “high tack” surf board wax?
call it “heady grip” advertize that the traction compound is keif.

stickiest board on the beach bro…mahalo


this is more of what im looking for :slight_smile: thank you
Looks like the next legitimate step is to extract for the lipids to play with them.