What takes precedence? Farm Bill or 2020 DEA guidelines?

The 2020 dea guidelines have delta8 thc as a scheduled substance.

Do you think the farm bill will save you or no?

Shits about to get real interesting depending on next presidential agenda regarding


Call your lawyer and ask him if he can beat the DEA using the farm bill.

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DEA will operate under their own guideline, obviously.


Just talked to a lawyer buddy of mine today about this. He said there’s risk in everything you do.


I think what we have to really ask our selves here is have we been raided or got cease and desist letters from any government agency to this point?
Lets be honest, if you go from biomass to isolate at some point you are going to have products that contain 10% or better Delta 9 THC levels in your lab. So why would they step in now and not at any point in the past. At the end of the day the prosecuting attorney will have a solid argument but so will the defense attorney so just hope that your not the one that’s trying to fight it out in court.


They would step in now because the majority of the game is shifting to D8 whereas before it was CBD

What concerns me is the employees being paid and treated like it’s a legit job and in the eyes of the feds they are just trapping out of a nicer lab.

If you are gonna have your workers commit felonies pay them accordingly.


I can see where your coming from. I think D8 is still just a side market though and wont be a majority of the market but I’ve been wrong before. Time will tell though.

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They’d step in now because there are D8 consumer products being advertised as “legal ways to get high”

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You and @moveweight must work in the same lab. :thinking:

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So you think this will end up being an other spice scenario? I can see that.

It’s simple economics.

Iso is worthless

It now costs more to make it than the market bears even at an industrial scale

So what do you do with your mountain of worthless shit? You turn it into something valuable (and inadvertently become a large scale drug processor and trafficker)

I don’t work in a lab anymore.

I understand this is a throw it all the wall and see if it sticks kind of community that takes risk as an inherent part of processing.

I just don’t see how it’s gonna work when the crescos start putting D8 in gas stations. Literally has me scratching my head that the same fuck it mentality from the black market exists in multi million dollar board rooms as well.

I have no skin in the cbd game. I think it’s snake oil and dumbass training wheels for the rest of the idiot states to get real cannabinoids.

No I agree 100% thats exactly why I’m pursuing the conversions. Its a pathway to profitability in a market that took a nose dive like Emilia Earhart. I’ve learned to live in the grey area over the last 3 years but if its deemed 100% illegal then that will settle it.


I personally think we’ll hear about cease and desist letters before we hear about raids. Most likely the letters will give a timeframe in which all d8 materials must be disposed of before hefty fines get handed out.

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Yeah dea does that all the time lol