What strains are you currently hunting for a keeper?

Lotta the skunk strains nowadays aren’t on par with the old days I ran through countless breeders going down the rabbit hole. None of the original holders had the same genetics anymore most of the skunks now have a floral flower type smell. Total shit & I was very disappointed to see that the terp profile appears to be lost.


for Jack herer you want sensi seed bank


Did you try the old dutch seedbanks for skunk ? sensi seeds, dutch passion + serious seeds worth a check, sensi seeds skunk 1 is where the cheese pheno was found.

I tried skunk #1 from Todd McCormick and it was like a shitty hemp cultivar. No skunk whatsoever in 20 seeds not even a skunk farts worth. I left a comment on his IG and he blocked me. Punk ass Todd


Sensi lost their skunk1 during the raids way back. But yea I pheno hunted through them and the other more popular ones

Oh fuck I planned to purchase couple seeds of AG including Skunk#1

The skunk1 from sensi grew huge buds but was the worst smoke I grew in 16 years ended up throwing almost 10 lbs in a bonfire

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I’m trying to work a trade for what is supposed to be the skunk cut that Bodhi used for breeding. American Skunk Selection #1 I think is the name.


Maybe his other selections are good, but his skunk wont shite.

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Love to watch this happen!! Good luck @Autumn_Ridge_Hemp


tbf skunk 1 is a v.old strain what were you expecting from it? like i have fond memories of old Northern lights used to grow in 90s but recently tried some for nostalgia +was disappointed…imo the best of the 90s strains are serious seeds ak47 and bubblegum and NL5Xhaze from sensi. as far as skunk goes Super skunk maybe worth a try was always tastier and more in demand than skunk1 in 90s


Guess who brought a LCG bx1 home to mom out.

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I guess I have to ask? You have Home Depot plants in paper bowls inside the tent with your seedlings and mother plant? I do veggies to mixed in but only from seed.

I sprayed the shit out of them with an ipm mix, and had them quarantined prior to even thinking about putting them near seedlings. I usually put them in here for shits and giggles and to let my family enjoy some variety’s other than what I prefer to grow.

We also now have a plum, lime, grape vine with grapes already, a few strawberry plants, and a whole bunch of other stuff in our garden out back.

Now that I’m gonna begin a micro hunt in here I’ll be removing all the other plants other than cannabis.

As for the paper bowls I water till run off then dump them. I have noticed in the last few days soil stains on the first bowl but nothing past that. They’re layered in 2/3 bowls per.

Id smoke it

Got rs11 in now too, also about to pop a shit ton of seeds. Some super rare shit and good dumpers.

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Shits about to get exciting

GDP x 6 + 6

Sour cheese x 6 + 6

Camarosa x 6 + 6

Papaya x Wilson x 2

Strawberries and cream x grease monkey x Wilson x 3

Original haze x rainbow beltz x 6 + 6

Blue berry v2 x Wilson f2 x 6 + 6

Gg4 x tangie (citrus sap) x 6 + 6

(Agent 47) aK 47 x NS x 6 + 6

Black eyes baker x 6 + 6

Cross roads chem x figure 4 x 6 + 6

Willy Nelson x 6 + 2

Stick shift x 5 + 19

Teleporter ( animal cookies x green portal) x 6 + 6

Crimzon shoes (rprr x London shoes) x 2

Rprr x aculpoco marmalade x 3

Modified watermelon ( modified grape x ky jealousy) x 6 + 4

Face off x fruity pebbles x 5

Bf3 bloomer ( boomer ) x 12


man oh man what a choice my current beans-

Swazi straight from s.africa
Tangie X blue dream own cross
Red hot cookies X blueberry cupcake lucky accidental cross
AK47 X double bubble friends cross his grown for over 20 years
Gelato sativa dom run for 5+ years love her
AK47 X power plant
Skywalkler haze (amnesiaXblueberryXmazar) first run
watermelon skittlez
Blueberry cupcake
Bananna OG X Gelato

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I bet that skywalker haze has some crazy plants in there

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yeah lot of vigour def a large strain lol lot of training needed for indoors, what is the Papaya strain like ? heard its good one to wash ?

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