What steps would one need to take to open a extraction company in california

Im curious any insight would be greatly appreciated

Hire the right consultant?

  1. Read the new rules…
  1. Find deep pockets
  2. Work backwards from depth of pockets to target scale.
  3. Find a location.
  4. Talk to city
  5. Apply for license
  6. Finish emptying investors pockets
  7. Cross your finger

How much would one need to start a small scale. I kniw about thr equipment im talking every thing else the permits and licencing. One should not need to be loaded to open a business in America. Thr day that becomes a reality we should all be concerned

Facts sadly

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the equipment alone is incredibly expensive you will not be able to get away cutting corners on that. Just because its not fair doesn’t mean that its not the reality. The costs in licenses and lawyers alone is going to require as was stated before deep pockets.

  1. Stop
  2. Invest your money in a coffee shop instead
  3. I would love to collaborate with you on that coffee shop
  1. Start by going to the website for the Bureau of Cannabis Control, download the application and read through all of the requirement.
  2. Look up your local zoning and permitting requirements.
  3. Find a location that is going to comply with all requirements above.
  4. Consider what processes you’ll be using and figure out how to make it comply with all the above requirements, as well as compliance with building codes, fire codes, etc.
  5. Once you’ve figured out how to make it all work you can add up all the costs, then add a substantial margin of error on top of that.

I’m with @SoStupendous, you might make it to step #3 before you switch gears to the coffee shop plan.


I can secure the equpment. But the fact that the permits are 100k is a a joke. They are pricing everyone out the rich getting richer once again. america is sapposed to be a free market. Monopolies used to be illegal. People learn whats right and stand for something . or you will fall for everything.

Lol okay, get a license in another country then…? You want access to the California market, you gotta play by California rules. The regulations while painful and way too strict IMO have been manageable for those with well-known brands and preexisting market share in the medical market… We saw this coming for years, not sure why the situation is news to you.


Ya we all saw it coming does that make it right. Not a lack of knowledge or talent or hard work that stops you . Its a permission slip permit that stops most. That is a monopoly i will have no part of it. Or this site. Kmowone stands for nothing around here just a bunch of money hungry guys that dontbtrulys understand the beauty of this plant. Goodbye “FUTURR4200” LOOK INTO SULA BENET LEARN ABOUT THIS PLANT INSTEAD OF RAPING HER

If it were only a 100K for a manufacturing permit that would be cheap. The fact is the price is much higher. I know it starts at 175k in my state and thats just the beginning. By the time your done, your in the several million.

Sorry thats how you feel about the place. Seems like everyone i see here is sharing real world knowledge. What contributions have you made here? Created any SOP you wanna share? Have any methods that would help some of us out?

I think everyone here understands the beauty of the plant and its magic otherwise this forum would kinda be a waste. This is the second time you said your out. Why come back if were all out for ourselves and love for money?


Step one: move to a new state lol


Then you should be concerned. You need initial funds to get any business going.


My team has a 12K sq ft build-to-suit facility in Santa Ana OC with Manufacturing (both volatile and non), Culti, & Distro permits available, looking for an experienced operating partner, preferably a group with a brand and reputation behind them. I can be reached at brandon@android-genius.com

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Hey brotha. I’m working on starting up a coffee shop as well. Want to collaborate?


This was the most random dumb shit I’ve ever read on here lol. You do know the people on this site dont make up state or federal laws, and were simply answering your question? Lol.
Good for you guy lol… rebel on partner


think of it like a liquor licence, very expensive…but very profitable!


very mature!

@cyclopath random shot in the dark here but I am said investor and have just secured our location and application for Long Beach in CA. We are in the process of looking for an expert/consultant in medium/large scale solvent extraction and distillation and I’ve admired and respected a lot of your posts. If it’s something you might be interested in consulting on I’d love to connect.


Suggestion for investor. Ditch the clown that made this post. His attitude is childish and dumb af. If indeed he is the one you’re working With.