What speeds have y’all gotten with your KD6? Did you like it?

Anyone have experience with a KD6?

What’s y’alls opinions?

What speeds were you getting?

It’s gravity fed right?

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600 g - 1L/ hour on polish run, once you know it you can tear it apart and rebuild it easily, chemtech has excellent customer service and are very used to troubleshooting over the phone. Gabby in the parts Dept is diligent to get parts to you as soon as possible. It’s fed by a bodine 90deg right angle torque motor attached to a feinpreuf or WITTE gear pump. The gear pump features a shear pin that is very easy to change, and the shaft is hugged by ptfe ropes to hold vac, also easy to change.

I prefer a diffusion pump on a kd-6 if it’s batched because the you cannot really damage a diffusion pump. Diff pumps will push it into the -3/-4 torr range which I don’t usually see on turbos. A turbo is a different story. A 90i is about $5.6k and one nasty depressurization event will absolutely destroy it (just did one a few weeks ago, it’s very frustrating).

If it’s steel, you can trust most techs around it as the unit is nearly impossible to break.

Buy a steel screen and always filter your oil even if you winterized it. One little crispy boy will shear your pin.

I’ve used several kd-6 units, ones with gear boxes, steel columns, glass columns, ect. I might have a data file of a couple hundred runs on one of my old drives.


Jesus that’s just sooooo slow


Shit, half their advertised flow rate. I wonder what material they’re basing that off of?

In my experience the speed of all machines varies greatly depending on what quality product you’re looking for. The kd6 keeps up with most machines except maybe a VTA.

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I’d like to clarify that by polish I mean feeding approximately 1.5 - 2L/h to produce 1L/hr of distillate, feeding terpene stripped crude. Their advertised speeds are correct.

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We’re getting a little over 3L/hr. Been told by the engineer that these can be ran at 4L\hr with proper additional mods, i.e. colder temps, larger vacuum, etc…

Feed pump model ss units run well def want diffusion pump. Ive got a couple units for sale if you are looking.

To be honest i would get it. I’ve ran the kd5 with 6 upgrades. You want to learn RFE the carousel is your best friend. Get a turbo. I was running 2.76 x 10^-3 all day. But look the start up procedure on RFE is different than a VTA. I only averaged an oz head distillation and my tails was about the same. Your pre processing is vital. I was able to do single pass runs filling a caurosel up. Before i left we figured out a mod to the caursol to hold more per a run. @MagisterChemist Is the only person i know that can run them as quickly as me. The only issuse i wish that could be solved is having a quicker turnaround on unloading the distillate. You have to wait in till the turbo is ready to shutdown before you can release pressure that could take 15-20 minutes. Maybe the cooling assisting ones are shorter down time. They have a few mods on here that can significantly import output

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