What solvents do you use for thca isolation/extraction

Hey guys, we use predominatly n-butaine in our extractors. Recently we received a shipment of iso-butaine.I was curious, besides the higher pressures do you see any difference in the extracts/thca formation?


isobutane is what we use for all of our extracts and it works great :+1: haven’t compared it to n-butane though


In my experience iso-butane moves quicker through the system with its higher vapor pressure at lower temps compared to n-butane…helps with inline de-waxing without worrying about too cold of a solvent tank. I’ve always preferred iso-butane or 30/70 propane/butane blend.


Is it technically not the same? Like technically isn’t but is kinda thing

Do u think only reason ppl have such auto budder time is not getting to temps before operation…?