What’s the reviews on 710 shark 8.0

Looking to purchase a 710 shark 8.0 supposedly they’ve upgraded the machine anyone has any good reviews on it. How accurate does it shoot


Well 8.0 definitely implies it should be better than 7.

Accuracy idk, but I know our team is happy with Vape Jet.

I know they are well liked for all models. Can’t imagine the upgrade is game changing. They’re highly liked from all I’ve seen. (710 Shark)

What’s your volume like on the vape jet


im sure @SanitatemDime can really tell you the max output of these things. i think your gonna need like 10x. LOL

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He’s gonna need 6 Dime’s worth of vape jets lol

I honestly think he could give the convectums a go, its just once he sees the bill for turning the fill room into a clean room, their high output wont seem so rosy


That’d be a lot of vape jets. What volume are you looking at trying to hit? Does exact accuracy matter for your fills or are you okay with variance?
The 710 shark works, I’ve just found you spend just as much time putting the carts into trays that you would save by filling 100 carts at once… and that’s not taking account cleaning carts which I never have to do with a vape jet. There’s pros and cons to all machines.


12k per hour


When I ran the 710 shark we got carts from China preloaded on the same size tray as the convectium ones


Time-lapse would be dope :sunglasses:

12k per 8 hours even :hugs:

Looking forward to the videos :roll_eyes:

Im making a video of my machine not my clients operation. If you want to watch a dating reel, add him on PlentyOfChads.com

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One would hope it would be operations. (Plural)

Only one operation is currently being discussed tho. You think any of these people’s machines can really do 12k an hour in the original racks with no added cost? Not really.

But they’re my client so Ill find someone with a shark and have them perform for them to prove them I already gave them the best option.

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I’ve yet to see anything beyond 2k in a shift, but I’ve never seen anyone be pushed to their limit.

I seen this place during the week and my jaw dropped to the floor. It was fucking nuts. I see where @qma been prototyping his auto farmers. Lol.

If I didn’t see this with my own eyes. I wouldn’t believe it either. Like I said when you have d8 and hhc able to be shipped everywhere in the US. The scale is just insane.


I’m genuinely curious about the new toys output.

We sold our Sri to these people otherwise I would have never seen this place I feel. The whole fucking block is cbd, d8, hhc copackers here in the sunshine state.

This don’t look like what a cannabis company looks like. This looks like a manufacturing company that just happens to be filling vapes.

Normal cannabis companies aren’t moving vapes by semi truck on the hour.


Lol we can do 3k an hour with a auto farmer but need more toys


Yeah, I’ve never really seen a max output or tried to, but that 12k hr joke got me curious what are max outputs for each option

Im gerally curious if there are any non-

Its not a joke. They have 4 autofarmers