What’s the best place to get REAL CCells besides Kush?

Where is the best place to get authentic Ccell cartridges that is not Kush Bottles

I’ve got 99 .5ml disposables with tips I’m trying to let go. Authentic ccell

hamilton devices is an authorized distributor of authentic CCELL carts

3Win, Jupiter Research, and Kush Supply are their 3 main distributors and then they also work with Hamilton Devices, MarijuanaPackaging.com, and I believe there’s one more but don’t know it.

Used Kush for a long time but they don’t deliver to states without any THC programs, and I had to move to one of those states, so had to switch places. Plus I later found out they sent me disposable pens that were already a year old so I’m currently biding my time until customers send me a bunch of dead vapes back because of it. (learned too late that the code on the silver band underneath the glass indicates when they were made)

Tried marijuanapackaging because I needed some fast and I think they were slightly more expensive. Had an issue with some of the ceramic twist on mouthpieces coming apart/unglued from the metal screw insert. On 500 mouthpieces we had this happen to about 10. Don’t remember it happening to a single one in the thousands we went through with Kush, so I don’t know if it’s a storage issue that fucks with the glue or what.

Then switched to 3Win and had some custom cartridges made up and now just waiting on them. We’ve gone through about 500 while waiting for the customs to come in and those have all be as good as Kush’s were. If you want the contact of the guy I work with at 3Win shoot me a message. He’s on top of his shit and good with follow ups.

3win always did me good