What’s the best Extraction machine for making crude?!?!

Looking into to running 200-300lbs trim in 8 hours. Purge labs, bhogard, there are so many company and not many for large scale. Let me know your input.

For butane : bizzy bee extractors
,Precision extracts,bhogart,and purge
For ethanol extractions ACE spinner,delta cup and Precision extracts


Looking for more the. Just names!! I have bhogard 8columns. I guess to be more specific I’m looking for someone with personal experience with a couple diffrent machines. Magnanimous or atlas, what it run really. Like the bhogard bro in a 16 hour shift with socks can do nothing nearly close to what they claim. With mods and 15k recovery pump.

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:rofl::rofl::rofl: sorry man thougt yoo meant who makes that size
I work with butane but that is not even close to what Info You want
I get the volumes You want but i work Bucket teck butane and i can not recomend iT to Any one

If your trying to just run crude purge labs machines all day . Any tube system is no match. No packing just throw material in the atlas. Two mvps (or a corken) on a 100l setup with two atlas will get u at 300 in 8hrs . Was runnning 1200 a day with two of their machines 4 atlases

Literally all I needed to hear. Appreciate you! I have been looking at the purge labs stuff and got quotes but really can’t find many people running them.

@SONOFJACK If you need help or want to talk more dm me I’ve run a bunch of their machines. honestly the guys their really don’t know how to run them.and The way they have em set up and sell them the machine will not work properly/efficiently

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Lost your number trying to get you down like we spoke about

@SONOFJACK Just dm’d you