What’s going on with the cbn market

What is going on with the cbn market. Seems like it was a hot item now all of a sudden nothing. Was there to much BS going around or what?

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I have 2 stamps and a jaw breaker, how many kg you got? Even swap, no swindle.



None of these cannabinoids hold value if the consumer doesn’t know about them.

Plus the initial rush was speculatory and nobody wants to pay top dollar for a compound that does the same thing as melatonin or tart cherry.


Kinda like doug’s varin pushed thcv into market and now hemp has taken d8thcv and sold it with all of their years of hype. Then people tried it :joy:

Don’t get me wrong. Cbn is more valuable to me than d8thcv. There’s so much d8 lying around to become more cbn. I can’t see the price going above 6.5k again.

Cbd crude is $100/kilo - needs crude extraction
So isolate is what $250-350? - needs distillation and isolating.
D8 $400-1600? Due to many variables - add some ptsa + time + more equipment
CBN - do even more work and have more loss on feed stock.
As d8 drops - CBN will face the trickle down effects.


Now that move weight chimed in the deal is off of the table. How much you trying to pay to get rid of that for you?


Because the dea came in and said hey we know what’s up with d8 and we’re going to lead you guys on for an unknown amount of time. By the way maybe your work in progress is illegal but we’ll get to that later too.

So Dr. Chadwick and Steve Bradly told all their friends d8 was illegal and you could convert it one more time and it could be compliant and even worth more clout, I mean money.

So they started throwing rotten eggs in their flasks and chunks of rare metals at their d8 and then voila everyone and their mother has 10-100kgs of CBN and then they are sitting on more wasted money.

Word of advice spend some time seeing if their is a viable market for your conversion business plan. And then if there isn’t, spend some time educating customers and people on why cbn is beneficial. Then maybe you can create your own market.

I started using cbn in my companies tinctures about 2 years ago, its one of our best selling products but we spend a ton of time and effort educating people on the benefits of other minor cannabinoids.



Global Market Insights, the Cannabidiol (CBD) Market size exceeded USD 2.8 billion in 2019 and is set to grow at around 52.7% CAGR between 2020 and 2026, with the global market valuation for CBD crossing $89 billion by 2026.

That’s a lot of $100 crude kilos


I think you meant $100 kilos of CBD isolate.


Fuck. That’s a lot of labor I’d assume but at that scale I’m imagining 1 person with a massive control system.
That would force d8 to $400 range or less imo.
There’s gonna be so much cbd they get it into everything.

This is gonna happen a LOT faster than most people want to believe.


Why even have a person? U just gotta pay them a salary, robot works 24/7 lol


That’s why we’re going to see so many in cbd wanting to stay dive down the chemistry rabbit hole. The rest trying to stay in hemp better pray concrete and batteries get development faster so they can supply. Textiles. Still plenty of resource left to go, but many will be leaving the consumable drug path I feel for the other means Hemp can sustain potentially.


The average consumer is still having a hard enough time to grasp CBG, yet alone CBN lmao.

With D8 being as cheap as it is it’s no surprise that not many people jumping on CBN. CBN has historically been one of the most expensive minor cannabinoids out of the top 3 (CBD cbg cbn) it was like $20-30k a kilo last year if I remember correctly, unless you were plugged up or made it yourself. D8 does the same thing as CBN in high doses and gets you kinda high. There’s benefit in that, but there’s always CBD and CBN for people that don’t want to / can’t get baked.

Hopefully with D8 gaining popularity it causes more research and conversation around different cannabinoids and what they do. Love or hate the brand, but Cookies just dropped some supplemental mushroom caps with CBG and CBN. As bigger brands utilize these cannabinoids I have no doubt they will gain traction causing more and more hemp / cannabis producers will follow suit.


THCD8 is pretty grey market though. a CBN is the easiest minor cannabinoid to market and educate because it’s the only one that more often than not users have noticeable effects from their first use. It also doesn’t have thc in its name which scares off a lot of cbd users and especially first time cbd users.

There is still a large market that wants no head high and d8 is considered to strong for a lot of those people.


Cbn is made from thcs and still can be interpreted negatively. CBT honestly I think was pretty neato for no head high but noticed effects.

I’ve got a couple textile related business avenues I want to explore, it’s proven pretty tough

If anyone can give me a source for canvas-style hemp fabric(or really just American hemp fabric in general) it’d be appreciated


i miss 40k cbn kilos:(


CBN = CBNight ( the night night cannabinoid)
Bam marketing done. Anyone can understand that lol
CBG = CBGut (the gut assisting cannabinoid)


Because consumers are likely to know this when they dont even know what cbn is?
I think you missed my point of d8 thc being more obviously thc than cbn since it has it in is name.