What needs to be automated?

I can definitely pack a 3ft. sock in 5 minutes my dude.
you’re right, it wouldn’t be as consistently packed… but 5 minutes to pack a sock is not much faster than what we do now.

I think it’s the fact that they can only dump like a pound or two at a time into that little hopper before it needs to get packed down that makes it so slow.

Yeah? How fast can you pack 50?

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I just watched the video too, that probably the least efficient way to use the packer. You can close the gate first and dump way more material into the hopper before pushing the ram to make a puck. On my packer which is larger than the video i would dump like 7-10lbs in and push to make a puck.

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Fair enough.
But based on that video I watched, I probably wouldn’t be THAT much slower. but it sounds like they are running it extremely slow in that video compared to how fast it can actually go.

ok yeah they are probably just going slow as hell in that video to show how it works.
I watched that and was like this is painfully slow for automation lol.

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its a lot faster if you arent packing socks right away and instead your packer is just making stacks of pucks.

you can see the way bobsled extracts does it here - https://youtu.be/ZN3q-je2roo?t=482

ooooo, that’s smart. that would 100% be faster than hand packing.

yup so you just have a dedicated packer packing pucks all shift. extractor empties sock from luna, just walks into the freezer with their new sock, loads sock and walks straight to luna. literally takes less than a minute to do a swap and when your swapping your other run is recovering.

bobsled has 1 person running 2 lunas pretty easily. if they are on it they can do 16+ runs in a shift, especially since they run 24/7 so theres no down time in terms of prep/tare down other than their designated maintenance times.

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Similar. we usually put ~10lbs per push for ff with our 20lb unit.

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Q the automaters/fight music. :see_no_evil:


TBQF, I never liked the idea of pucks of biomass sitting around, I like having socks stacked up like cordwood, tagged and ready to go, but if it works for you, run it.


probly less than a hr with a $15 an hour employee, than they can do all the post processing cause your going to need to hire labor to do it anyway :clown_face:

Im curious if it has some type of fail safe or if someone would end up with 1 less limb/hand and a lawsuit more expensive than your luna on your hands :dizzy_face:

Our packer can do 300 socks per minute

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I love people using the word packer so much

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