What is your method for making edibles using shatter?

I want to hear opinions on making edibles using shatter? Different processes etc…

I made them with shatter for a long time, but now make distillate which eliminates the bitter taste of decarbed shatter…

Decarb in a pyrex measuring cup in a toaster oven at 252f till all the bubbles stop.


I wish i had the unit to make distillate but i actually like the taste with shatter lol. Do u just melt it down and add to the oil or butter or whatever your cooking? Do u add anything else like soy licethin or coconut oil?


Yeah melt it in a pyrex at 252f till all bubbles stop, it will stay runny once decarbed.
For 90% shatter to get each individual, nerd rope, at 100mg i use about 5.5 grams of shatter per batch and that batch makes 25 ropes.

I use suflower lecithin powder to increase bio availability in all edibles, some people are allergic to soy, and soy has bad stuff in it…

Coconut oil is good if your recipe calls for it,
As is butter they make it easier to get it evenly ditributed in your recipes make sure you really mix it all in.

When making gummies and nerds ropes ive needed to add food grade glycerin to get it to stir in otherwise it seperates and your product will have hot spots…


How do u make the ropes? Do u just soakthem in it?

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You need jello, gelatin, nerds, a meat injector or a syringe. Karo corn syrup , glycerin and sunflower lecithin, koolaid to match flavor of jello

Take wax paper spread nerds over it in a short baking pan

Decarb the shatter,

Mix one package of jello, with 29 grams of beef gelatin, (if you use knox it takes less i dont like knox it makes them too hard)
And use about 20 grams of lecithin
Add half package of koolaid, (preservative)
(Ive heard you can use citric acid, but if you dont use a preservative they mold in about a week…)
Mix together.

1/3 cup of water and 1/4 cup of corn syrup put those two together in a bowl, next slowly add the powders while stirring

Once its all dissolved take to microwave, for 30 seconds, stir, 15 seconds stir, 15 seconds, stir, 15 seconds stir, 15 stir…

Now pour into the hot oil that finished decarbing and stir while adding glycerin, untill oil stays dissolved.

If you use a meat injector it needs to be warmed or it clogs up,

This all has to be done in a timely matter because it sets up fast,

Squirt strips over nerds about 1/4" wide

Dump nerds over the strips before they setup

Take pans and place in fridge for 30 minutes
Then remove from fridge and leave untill achieve the gummy consistency you desire… they get hard if left out too long like 3 days, i usually go 12-24 hours


Sick recipe. One thing how much glycerin? And i add the mix into the pyrex measuring cup that has the decarb oil? U leave out in room temp and then bag after 24-48 hours?


I dont have an exact mesurment for glycerin i just add it till the oil mixes evenly, it usually doesnt take much,

you gotta heat the jello slurry then mix with hot oil, its a process took me a while to figure it out…


First few times i made them they came out to like 2000 mg each hahaha so i had to reduce the amount of shatter down to 5.5 for 25 ropes


Shit i hate to fuck up lol ill have to figure it out somehow thanks


Do what i did, try it without the shatter till you get it dialed, they taste better than the real ones
Just dont use lecithin or glycerin

I figured out how to make gummy bears then once i got the texture right i learned nerds ropes are just gummy spilled on nerds


So if u dont have the jello mix hot enough the oil wont mix properly? Does the oil have to be hot? Are we timing this where when the decarb is done the jello mix will still be hot and then mix both together while warm?


Yes, but you can decarb, then leave the oil at like 120-200f and make the jello mix

The jello mix has to be heated so the corn syrup can work its magic with the sugar making it gummy otherwise you just get jello lol

The heat time i mentioned is perfect, if i remember right the magic happens at 115f
But i never check the temp

you can do 15 seconds less but they are softer after ive never gone longer
Once you get it dialed youll be adding hot jello slurry to hot oil reducing that 15 seconds but making up for it by the oil being hot

The jello bowl should feel almost hot on the bottom when you pull it.

The main reson you want the oil still hot is then it keeps the mix warm while your linning out the ropes, if it cools it sets up fast…


So after the 30 sec then 15 then 15 then 15 it should be hot enough for the corn syrup to do its magic and then mix with oil?


Should be, so total of 1:15-1:30 i always do 1:30 total just when i was making several hundred in a day i would reduce that to 1:15
And would compensate for that by timing the decarb perfectly and pouring into a real hot pyrex with oil, too hot and it gets thick

Its all a timing thing for production…


So with 5.5 u get 40 or 25 ropes ? How much do they go for $$?

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Yea sorry i messed up on that first post, 5.5 is 25 ropes
Generally edibles go for 1.00$ every 10 mg
Depends on your market
15-20 a rope


So how do u figure out mg? Do u have to test your shatter at a lab?


That kinda helps you adjust ratio by shatter potency, but you really gotta weigh and then test your edible, and the nerds make it hard to get accurate, so making bears works best for testing then calculate the weight of gummy used for a rope vs a bear, i think its 6 bears in a rope


Thanks bro


Love that shit i think im going to give this a go