What is your average return % for CLS


I run dry ice iso cold…
The vibrating dilding aperatus is for agitation its almost like sonicating, its in tricks of the trade, and it works, i pack my columns at least to the designed amount when i can, ive gotten over 3lbs in a 2.5lb column, so i pack like that it even if its not gonna be full and my returns have gone up.

Ran a few times with a sightglass inline, and regularly run with sight glass on the top cap to understand whats really goin on in there


Why not do some R&D if your familiar with the CRC tech and run hot thru your material then de wax @ -80c. Then send off for lab testing. Run 1 # hot and don’t de wax then send off for testing and you will have your answer. If you don’t get get your 30% return running hot its not going to happen cold.


i got my powders in friday. im setting up the rack now to accommodate the new column. that is going to be my test for this week


Who is getting 30s


Personally for it to make “cents” for me. The yield has to be 25-29%. I say 29% and not 30. Cause I’ve seen that yield plenty of times. Never have I hit 30% overall yield on material. At the same time, it don’t make sense for me to purchase flower and extract it unless the yield is over 25%. If it’s less and the people are willing to negotiate. Well thats a different story. Most of my material I buy at a set price point and it don’t really change because it’s so low to begin with.


26% with witnesses. :grin:


Is there any risks involved in agitating it?


Nah i dont think so, get a nice large vibrator, they are sealed, so no spark i can post a photo of the one i got on monday, you want a good enough one that it actually moves the butane, it also settles the dry ice in a sleeve so you can really pack a bunch in there, id assume like breaking dabs said it would work great for packing powders

Mines the oldschool version of this it only has 2 speeds but this is probably more better


You guys know they make these cheap back massagers at cvs and Walgreens that have multiple contact points and vibrates.

This way you all don’t have to have massive dildos in your lab. :man_facepalming:t3:. To each their own! All good you guys. Have fun with your “column packers”. Lmao! :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


Thats no fun, those cheap ones probably wont make butane dance, and if theu not designed like these could easily have open spark from the motors…
These are designed to be used in “moist” environments


The ones Killa talking about would!

Long wand no penis at end!!!

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Man I just caught the part for wet places comment lmao


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:, Man i think the dildo is where i draw the line on R&D for science. It might be nice to get a custom unit that would fit inside the sleeve.


Its just a wand im not using an actual dildo, follow the link i posted… …


Damn man I was so hoping u had big black 12" buzzing that shit!!!



Let us know how the R&D went.


Next run, I’ll make sure to have a message apparatus to cause agitation


Is this in alcohol or butane?


70/30 butane propane


So that solution in the jar is a solution of butane?


Yessir it is!