What is your average return % for CLS


If he’s 89% cannabinoid, and 7% terpines, where will the 8-11% fats and waxes come from? The question he’s asking is about efficacy of the extraction of cannabinoids present, and what he can do to improve that efficacy.


That is exactly my question too??? Why is he stuck in fats and lipids lol. Anyways… I’ll keep way better notes on my end next run and get back to you guys with more results. I hate when people try and set THEIR limititations on some one else. If I could only get as good as you I must be the best? I have no room for improvement?


the only way you’re going to pull more off the plant is to raise extraction temperature. do an a grade and b grade collection and report back.


To not know what machine they use or anything about their standards yet hold so much confidence in their test results makes no sense to me. Labs lie and/or get shit wrong all the time. Verify that their tests are accurate. Take 3-5 samples from your next batch. Purposely label them as different samples and send them in for potency/terp tests. The more samples you send in the more accurate the avaerage score you calculate will be. Share your results when you get them back.


the lab has been verified. This lab is emerald certified in thc testing. That is the equivalent to being iso certified but specifically for their ability to test thc and other cannabinoids. If you don’t know what that is look into it and demand your labs become emerald certified by emerald scientific. That being said we did our own R&D and sent product in the past to all three labs. They all were with in 1% of each other. No reason to beating a dead bush


Truth! I’ve had a 11% test variation on flowers!..cannabis potency test numbers are for hype and sales! The real test that only matters is pesticides!


Flower is expected to be different. You can’t tell me a top colla and a mug found closer to the main stock with less light would get the same result. Extracts on the other hand are supposed to be a homogeneous mixture. Not always but close. That being said, the odds of getting a FULL extraction becomes limited to the actual total % in the original flower


I think you just answered your question. Different parts of the plant differ. So with that being said it has to balance out in the extract. Would one could to the conclusion the the percentage of cannabinoids is closer that you believe it is

Next question is are you running trim or flower or a mixture. Each will test differently. Flowers will test dramatically differently depending on there location on the plant… so there is no way to tell how close you actully are in completely pulling everything. Plus they dont even test for the other 100 known cannabinoids


Next time you clean your dewax column. Collect it and test it. Based on polarity and saturation I can put my life on the fact you are cold crashing a high % of thca.


I noticed that happens is you dont push enough tane through your material.

10 to 1 works great. No need to soak.

All your doing by soaking is pulling more undesirable crap you have to remove later which is completely inefficient


dood I don’t care that much! Send me 450 to test it! Do you say the same thing when people winterize?!


Nope because the polarity and saturation is different. Chemistry says fats and lipids will fall out at room temperature if you manipulate the alcohols temp.


this is a cold crash post dewax…


I would say I did answer my own question you’re right. But I was also asking for alctual return results from other people. More then just my small sample size I wanted a larger broader view


I’m not saying you lost 10% or more. I’m sure you’re doing ok. All I’m saying is I’m not satisfied where my results are at and my results are popped pretty nice


:joy: :ok_hand:…it’s common knowledge to dewax for 1.5-3 hours…you’re acting like you know all the answers so why do ask them?


I aways say my return sux, but my color, texture and flavor is almost always on point. Cannabinoid results are usually upper 80. But i sit at 10 to 15 no post processing or dewaxing


Do you use a vibrating dilding aperatus when you run, ive proven it to increase my returns, its gotta vibrate so the butane dances,

Do you pack your column tight, then slowly crack the valve to fill so it doesnt channel, fill then push through

Run 10-1 or more and you will pull more as @sonicgardens said
I cant say my returns match my test results but i run trim and i get average of 20-25% returns


Haven’t been following this thread. What is the dildo for lol?


Yields are very dependent on temp. How cold your tane and material are being run at also