What is this




Jacketed glass reactor of some sort… By the looks of it I bet it can withstand some serious vacuum pressure.


Ya a friend gave it to me has no idea what or how to use if


@Future got any ideas?


Ya. You guys are obviously blind. It’s clearly a spaceship. I’d use it to mine far off CBD asteroids or something :wink:


Sounds a lot like put loads of hemp in it and soak it with ethanol, lol.


Ya I’m tripping on it, so many possibilities I guess! Maby it would make a good miner.


What a good friend.


I dont know about positive pressure, but vacuum is ok.


On top there’s a spot it looks like to connect a dc motor. This came from a lab in NorCal I guess


Is the jacket drain port tangentially aligned similar to the top one? If so you could maintain a sweet temp gradient with that


Ya it is, when I get home I’ll send some more photos. What’s trippy is all the small tubes that look like they connect some hoses for vacuum or whatever


Or solution recirculation, like if you ran saturated solution through a heat exchanger. Recirculating crystallizer perhaps?


That could be possible. I’ve never seen that done before.


Fill it with some chocolate, and cold milk, attach that motor on top an let it whip you up a nice cold glass…


Decarb reactor, etho quick wash reactor, or a large cbd isolation chamber as @Future said. That thing is rad, I’d be stoked to be given that. It has many uses


one word, Bioreactor! grow some ergot sclerotia in that bad boy!


Sweet deal ya I got no use for it at the moment since I don’t know how to use it lol.


Put a gold fish in there until you figure it out? :joy: