What is this thing?

I think it’s a dosing pump, but got it as a lot with another surplus auction.

What the fook is this thing

Looks like it’s supposed to drive a peristaltic pump head.

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Stepper motor maybe?

Can you get it power? Any other writing on there?

Doesn’t look like any dosing pump I have but :woman_shrugging:

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I’ve checked everything and it seems like it’s from the Era of the nazis…

Can’t find jack shit…


Lol this is just my best guess what with everything in german. Don’t let my smooth brain coerce your instinctual response.

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What’s the back look like?

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Looks like no fuckin help.

@roiplek where u at cuz

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I’ll take it apart and post the guts so I’m not just asking stupid questions.

B Braun makes medical gear. It’s probably an old syringe pump or something for pumping infusions.

Just a guess. I’ll keep digging - I love this kinda shit.

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B braun doesn’t have any information for me. I contacted them directly and they treated me like a crazy person.

Maybe u can elicit a better response. Lol.

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Actually here look:
Renal Therapies

Looks like that pump style maybe.

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I don’t think so, I’ll post another picture of it.

I can call them tomorrow if I have time. You gotta get through to a tech guy - a lot of these dudes are at home and will shoot the shit with you if you’re cool and you can mine a lot of info.

I was avoiding getting in touch with a tech because so many other companies have shown that it’s a futile effort. But I will do so if you think its the right move. Not many options lol there’s nothing readily available on the internet.

I’ve checked.

:woman_shrugging: They have 63,000 employees someone has to know what it is and how to make it work.

You want it to be a peristaltic I assume?

No power?

You’re definitely missing a piece IMO. Whatever made that circle wear mark - unless you have it out of frame. Should be a plastic cover and the rollers

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I just assumed it was a peristaltic pump due to the corrosion marks kind of looking like what you might see on that kind of pump.

The dose/time dial is what made think it was a dosing pump.

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I was originally thinking of using this peristaltic pump head on the “dosing pump”