What is this and what can i do about it

hi guys. i was curious about what is building up in the main body of my distillation unit. we use an agi wiped film distillation unit. the only way i can explain it is that it looks like hard water build up, its a faint smokey white color. im concerned that if neglected it may cause complications later in the future. if anyone can tell me what it is and how i might remove it i would be grateful.


waxes sugars etc, exceedly high BP materials thats forever stuck there untill you hit it with water or ethanol


It may very well be that, in just very fine amounts.

BP’s? and is there any recommendations for cleaning methods using ethanol?

What’s your cleaning regimen?

Could also be scratches. I’d hit it with DI water and ethanol (like 50/50) using your regular cleaning parameters , that should clean the build up if that’s what it is.

Sometimes I’ll run terpenes through to clean too.

BP= boiling point I believe

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BP = Boiling point

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Possibly the Teflon from the wipers?

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