What is the right pump for 10L short path?

Hi guys,
A 10L short path with Ai 21cfm pump. Will this pump produce enough power or should i need a better one like the Edwards e2m30?

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What’s your max vac? If I’m not mistaken the m30 also is around 21 cfm.

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So 1 pump for the whole ride ?
Our do You have a roughing pump aditional ?
What tube or pipe are pumps connected with to the glass wear
Cold traps daisy chained or 1 cold trap ?


It’s 21cfm but seems like it wasn’t strong enough. Torr went down max 0.9.

One pump for a whole ride, 3/8” tubing connects to T40 cold trap (daisy chain) and 3/8” tubing to the pump. It took 6hrs to process only 1.5L winterized and got only 1/2L of distillate. What is a “roughing pump” addition?

Ok a roughing pump is a pump we use to do the first part of distillation most often a singel phase high cfm pump al lot of people like the sogevac from leybold for this
Once the volatile fractions have passed (140C ) we switch pumps inline so both pumps are already set to evacuate
The 2 stage pump starts of then with fresh oil ( let her start the job hot so once You hit 125/130 C You put her on but not yet inline then lower boiling flask temp or make sure iT s an easy boil then valve open the 2 stage slowly and valve closed the one stage pump slowly
Due to deeper vacuum at the same temp more compounds want to boil off so easy does it


Wow, learn something new everyday…so my cold trap/vacuum line got clogged up with distillate because I was running my pump with full power (on the second pass) before the boiling point kicked in or the 3/8 tubing too small for the 10L?

Before or after the cold trap ?
Sure iT s Distillate ?
Temp of your Condenser
And Yes 3/8 is on the low side
Send a pic of the setup ?

Clogged before cold trap.
I’m sure it’s distillate.
Mantle 200, condenser up to max 140 then clogged.
Here my setup.

Well Yes under those conditions so shorten the line from glasswear to coldtrap make iT arrive hotter (vapor) at the coldtrap

Insulate your vacuum tubing is Maybe also enough to keep the vapors vapor
And i guess bringing Condenser down to 120 should still get iT breaking dab teck on that rig

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Strange thing is You didn t see a boil but fraction did pass to far
Vacuum depth ?

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You’re right! The vacuum tubbing too small for the job so I use vacuum bellows and it worked great…Mantle 194, condenser 168, vacuum 49 microns. Clogging issue resoved.
Thank you all for your help and input.


If you are using a t80 the dip tubes love to clog aswell

Yep, tubes too small. I’m glad this forum exist, it helps a lot.

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Btw, you said you started with 1.5l and ended up with 0.5l disty. That means you must have left stuff behind in the boiling flask. At what temp did you end your run? Both mantle and vapor.

The boiling flask still have THC I’m sure since I hv not finished it due to the vacuum line got clogged, so i saved it for re-run. Issue solved after i switched to a bigger tubbing.

Got it.

Hi Eric,

I am terry from China manufacturer of lab equipment.
For vacuum pump, you could choose rotary vane vacuum pump ( model: 2XZ-4L ).
Like the following picture:
My customer usually choose this pump with 10L SPD.

And if you have questions, just DM and I will help you.

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What sized tubing?