What is the ideal jar pressure for crystallization?

First time trying the OTSS tek. I currently have what appears to be about 1/4 of the jar full of honey. The honey is no longer bubbling at room temp, so I tightened the lid. I noticed after about 30 mins, there is a good amount of pressure in the jar. I’m concerned if this is too much pressure.

What is the ideal pressure amount in jars? If you push the lid, should it make the pop sound as it goes down, then back up when you release? Currently if I push the lid, it goes down but doesn’t click - indicating a good amount of pressure in there. Should I burp it until it clicks when pressed, or do we want the pressure to push the lid out slightly? I don’t want to over-burp but also don’t want to bust a lid from too much pressure.

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Well first off you didn’t follow SOP for the otss, don’t feel bad, I think WE ALL make mistakes our first time

You said bubbling oil, it should be more like golden clear water , super saturated, at this point

You’ll may end up w sugar texture, if you got your cold crash any though and didn’t disturb much, and you don’t mind large large sugar pieces then your ok, but if you want larger stones you let to much solvent evap before sealing good luck

When you have more solvent the lid will bend up, don’t worry, if you waited till the 1/3rd mark like op suggested you should be fine, don’t open either, you’ll just release you’re gassed off solvent, no need, I think they add to the process without doubt!

I should clarify as that didn’t come out right. It wasn’t really bubbling much, not your typical bubble when pouring for a normal purge. There were some small bubbles appearing on the sides after I took it out of the freeze and it warmed up to room temp. It was a water like consistency at this point when I initially capped, but pressure was building far too fast, so I let it thicken up to in between honey and water and have it capped there.

Not really too concerned with the outcome, just experimenting at this point. But back to my initial question, is it too much pressure if the lid doesn’t make a click sound when you push down, or is this okay?

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I added some stuff go back and read

Also u was there if u was at 1/3rd, you shouldn’t have opened, you’ll get sugar sauce, maybe large sugar , if that’s fine move on, wait 2-3wks

Wait after taking out the freezer, your jar was still pretty full, if you didn’t let set w just lid, no band ,to let some evap to the 1/3 level of jar,u may have had to much solvent, that’s important step, just noticed ,your said right after freezer and moment it warmed up, sometimes can take another he to get to the 1/3rd level on jar

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cool I should be good then, it still has good pressure and it’s barely been disturbed the entire time, tipped slightly a couple of times just to get an idea on the consistency. I’m probably going to end up with sugar, which is fine, I’m more concerned with preserving terps than growing boulders for now.

I kind of skimped on the cold crash, I didn’t have dry ice so I just had it in a solution in a cooler that read -1F for 5 days. At the end I had tiny blooms on the bottom, nothing huge like in the pics but it helped a little I’m guessing with gathering the THCA on the bottom.

I was at 2/3 in the freezer stage, once I removed it from the freezer I was a little less than that, around 1/2. I let it evap down to the 1/3 level with the lid loose then capped. This is when a few small bubbles appeared on the jar sides. After it built pressure way too fast I burped a couple of times till it got to 1/4 then capped tight. It’s been capped since then and pressure seems stable. At this point its between water and honey consistency.

It took about an hour after it hit room temp to feel good enough to cap without pressure building too fast (literally within a minute it was very tight)

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Idk I think you’ll get diamonds if u got blooms plus have pressure, maybe not large but diamonds…

Also to get good terps you better have frozen everything before blasting

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I’ll update this thread in 2-3 weeks when I find out :grin: :grin:

Material was fresh popcorn, dried for about 5 days, then packed into the tube, pulled a vac on the tube and froze. it and the tane at -1F for a week before blasting, open blasted closed column outside at around 30F into a chilled jar, then slowly evaped the solvent outside on ice for a few hrs till I got it down enough to start the freeze.

Pretty much the same process I do normally, and that typically purges into glass or sugar anyway depending on how fresh it was. I’ve been lucky with this process at barely picking up any waxes at all… Granted there are some there, but night and day from before I started running everything cold and would get wax city haha

Best help I can ever give someone in your shoes to preserve terps and get pure thc,
get small cooler, get small amount dry ice, go to that instead freezer, do for 2hrs… Spray that w solvent you cooled to -35f w dry ice… It’s only way to say you got most the wax…u probably have more than you think, pick up decent filter paper and press inside that viton gasket at bottom, push everything through it…
Done best help ever!

BTW if using cans I wouldn’t use anything other than blue flame company or puretane

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thanks bro, I’ll give that a try on the next run, I like the idea of the additional filter papers. I am using puretane currently, shit is so much cleaner than any other can I’ve used!

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Blue flame makes blended solvent in a can 70/30… They claim the same as puretane no mystery oil

I’ll have to snap some pics soon but so far as of 9 days in, I have some smaller crystals forming (around 3-5mm in diameter). They were sand sized yesterday so they’re really starting to grow. It’s kind of hard to capture in pics without opening the jar at the moment.