What is the best way to transform live rosin into vape cartridges?

Pure live rosin fullspectrum how to lower viscosity?
Could I use only true terpenes or would that be too much terpenes?
Could i use a mix of flavorless terps and the real terps for right consistency ?


Possibly under pressure to try and retain some of those terps.


What about using a homogenizer?

a homogenizer will help implementing your other suggestions, but on it’s own it isn’t going to do a whole lot.

if you run it long enough, I’m sure you could generate enough heat to start decarbing your product. other than that, any change in viscosity achieved with a homogenizer alone will be temporary (due to the heat you’re adding).

decarbing lowers viscosity, and darkens your product slightly. you also loose some terpenes. it is however consistent with “no additives, solvent free” which might be a selling point, especially as you’ve gone to the trouble of “solvent free” already.

try the following searches


I played with htfse as well although not live “rosin” which I assume is pressed rosin from fresh material? I settled on using special carts designed for wax laden concentrates and 100% decarbed oil only. The viscosity was good but the oil was dark and unappealing from a visual standpoint and although it tasted great it didn’t have any demand. There are better methods in this forum for decarb though. If you can winterize and decarb under pressure maybe with some blanket gas to preserve terpene loss you might have a winner


What cartridges are designed for wax laden concentrates? Thats cool

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