what is the best medical state

i was think of moving to a medical only state no rec.

i was considering establishing in a medical market before the rec. passes.

i was wondering which state would be the best place to do this. curious of different states flexibility in the grey market. i guess az is out because there is no conctrate allowed. was thinking Maine . but there are so many more it hard to research every med state.
pls chime in if you can help me with this decision

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Oklahoma is pretty wide open.


i heard they are very strict about cannabis

Only outside of the medical program. Once licensed you do pretty much anything you want until the rules change.

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Oklahoma is already oversaturated with businesses. More licensed growers than Colorado, only ~35,000 patients and over 700 dispensaries.


What about maine or Montana

Montana is still trying to figure it out. They passed the new rules, but like Washington it is starting to get regulated with a heavy hand. The state Health Department comes down hard on violations and will shut a place down. Fee’s to be a care giver are reasonable, but like anything that is subject to change. If I recall it is 30 sq feet per patient, but fears of over production is really starting to take hold. Montana is afraid of what Washington and Oregon are dealing with in regards to overproduction. In the end probably be worth it if you are in Missoula, Great Falls or Billings.

Here is a good link to what they have going on:

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Maine is pretty bloody saturated due to decades of cannabis culture here and one of the longest running medical programs in the country. We’ve got a small population (decreasing) and prices have crashed significantly over the last 3 years. I would have to say you’d be late to the game.

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thank you everyone for your input so far

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anyone have any other input on any different states.

north dekota
new Hampshire
new Mexico
west Virginia
New York

Patient count is still growing, it’s less than a year since launch.


so maybe ok isnt out yet

And growing fast.

Extracts aren’t a nono in az. Just if you are licensed in a facility. Black market, they are actively looking for you. Az is not the place to be making yourself IG famous. They lurk the seshes here and social media. Every extractor, club, farm, whatever that has flexed to get big has been busted. Very few haven’t… Yet.

That wasn’t my crowd. I stayed away from it. Everyone there was watched. Out on probation. You name it. It was a haven to get caught.

If you can find a group looking for an extractor that can run a cls. Especially after what we’ve been doing. You can do decent. Most places want an employee, not an extractor.

If/when you get into a licensed place. Don’t take whatever they give you. Don’t accept the lowest offer just to get into the industry. Know your worth and people won’t ask for discounts.