What is more Important? Cost or Reliability?

Morning Everyone, I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend!

I wanted to start a new topic, one that will help Fide Freight and every business in this industry.

We are trying to figure out where to focus our efforts. What is more important when sending your shipments:

A. Cost of the overall transit.

B. Reliability, Speed, and Security!

Here are the pros and cons (at least what I thought of) with both. Feel free to add to this if you think of more!

Pros of Cost of Transit
Cheap, like 50-150% cheaper than dedicating a truck or partialing.

Cons of Cost of Transit
Not Dedicated
The pallet will be moved from truck to truck
Time of Transit increased
Might be mistaken as cannabis and seized (happened in NY)

Pros of Reliability, Speed, and Security!
Dedicated team that will drive it straight through
Does not move from one truck to another
No rest stops
Seals to ensure that product is not tampered with
“white glove” service
More live updates

Cons of Reliability, Speed, and Security!
COST! 50-150% more expensive than LTL shipments!

Let me know your thoughts.

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This is a pretty basic business question…

If the service is shit and not reliable. Its only gonna be in business so long. I like to refer to the barber analogy for business questions like this.

Lets say your barber/hair dresser is the nicest person on earth. Super cheap…Super fast but fucks up your hair every single time you go to see them. No matter how good the conversation and price is…the service is the part lacking.

How long are you going to continue to use that person to cut your hair? Some might be like i dont give a shit what my hair looks like…then how about your sneakers…what if the first time you wear…they fall apart.

Service despite debated is the most important aspect of business. The ancillary parts of the business enhance the experience. The service must be the main focal part. Reliability 100%!


Thank you for the response!

Does this apply if your haircut costs $30 instead of $5-7?

i think it applies if it was $5-7 which i dont know where does that…but i only pay $10 for a haircut and only see one lady cause the others fucked up my hair enough times…My son would rather go to our $10 lady than any $25 haircut and she always has an hour to 2 hour wait time.

same lady been cutting my sons hair from before he could talk…

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Religion would like to have a word with you.

Tell that to Walmart

Fast. Good. Cheap. Pick two. You can’t have all three.

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I agree. It seems like the service is a must, I think LTL has it’s place but it will be a little bit before we start recommending it.