What happens to remediated THC-a ?

Wow… Very impressed with Future4200 as it was just referred to me by a colleague! Thank you up front for your insight.

I have been working with some foreign regulators specifically about hemp CBD extraction and what happens to the THC-a cannabinoid during remediation (I know… .the antithesis of your efforts!) is it denatured, destroyed, left residual, or…?? Any thoughts to share or resources on what I can show them to mitigate this concern??
Much appreciated… Scott

Well it depends on how you are remediating it.

Usually by the time you are doing remediation the THC-a has been decarbed into delta 9 THC.

The most common is by chromatography and your THC is separated from the CBD. So what you do with it at that point is your choice. Some people collect the THC and later on convert it to something that isnt THC. Somme people destroy it by mixing it with cat litter or something similar that renders it useless.

Useless… unless…


bahahaha destroy it with cat litter…naw that was a jar of dollar store honey, the thc jar def grows legs and walks away from the facility onto the street


Nope not every where in the state of ny
They come to check if you destroyed it
And ad a little acid to make sure it s useless
The screen the about amount you declare on coa of run biomass
This is gmp facility thou

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